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Derma --> dermis (Science: anatomy, dermatology) Mesodermally derived connective tissue underlying the epithelium of the... Read More


melanoderma 1. An abnormal darkening of the skin by deposition of excess melanin. 2. Hyperpigmentation of the skin by... Read More


Epidermis Definition What is the epidermis? We can define the epidermis as one or more layers of cells forming the tough... Read More


Definition noun Mesodermally-derived connective tissue underlying the epithelium of the skin Supplement In humans, the skin... Read More


Definition noun, plural: protoderms (botany) The primary meristem from where the epidermis of the plant are... Read More


Definition noun The epithelial lining from the dentate line to the intersphincteric groove Supplement The anoderm refers... Read More


Definition noun, plural: periderms (botany) An outer covering that replaces the epidermis of certain plants (embryology)... Read More