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Interpretation Time for Screening Digital Mammograms: Is it Efficient?

January 9, 2009 -- Digital mammograms take longer to interpret than film-screen mammograms, according to a study performed... Read More

Human Brain Region Functions Like Digital Computer

A region of the human brain that scientists believe is critical to human intellectual abilities surprisingly functions... Read More

Public Engagement: Rising Expectations in the Digital Age

Gone are the simpler days where scientists could isolate and focus solely on their work, engaging exclusively with other... Read More


Digital Relating to or resembling a digit or digits or an impression made by them; based on numerical... Read More

Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging

Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging      ... Read More

Chemistry of a cuppa: Helping to digitize the laboratories of tomorrow

The brewing of tea formed a crucial component of a project which successfully took traditional paper laboratory books and... Read More

PaleoBase: Macrofossils, Part 3 (Single User)

PaleoBase: Macrofossils, Part 3 (Single User)     ... Read More

Physics and Radiobiology of Nuclear Medicine by G.B. Saha

Physics and Radiobiology of Nuclear Medicine     ... Read More

Magnetism and mimicry of nature hold hope for better medicine, environmental safety

TEMPE, Ariz. – Critical advances in medicine and environmental protection promise to emerge from a new method for... Read More

UCLA mathematician works to make virtual surgery a reality

A surgeon accidently kills a patient, undoes the error and starts over again. Can mathematics make such science fiction a... Read More

New Vision of Computer Forensic Science: Need of Cyber Crime Law

New Vision of Computer Forensic Science: Need of Cyber Crime Law Pradeep Tomar Research Scholar Department of Computer... Read More

Biometric study on the deep palmar branch of the ulnar artery

OLAVE, E., GABRIELLI, C., DEL SOL, M. et al. Numerous studies on the hand arterial supply have contributed important data... Read More

Brain’s timing linked with timescales of the natural visual world

Extreme precision needed to accurately represent the slowly changing visual world Researchers have long attempted to... Read More

Deoxyribonucleic acid

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Definition A nucleic acid refers to any of the group of complex compounds made up of linear... Read More

Rochester Scientists Develop Fast-working Biosensor

University of Rochester Medical Center scientists have demonstrated a new technology that accurately and rapidly detects... Read More


A law stating that stimuli either produce a reaction or no reaction at all in particular circumstances, no matter how much... Read More

Cyber-Search: Are On-Line Resources Worth the Time?

On-Line Job Sites: Size Does Matter There are more than 4,000 job sites on-line. They come in all shapes and sizes, from... Read More

Diminishing Dinosaur Steps Saved By Laser And Laptop

Fading dinosaur tracks unearthed in a Spanish quarry have been digitally preserved by experts using the latest laser... Read More

Brain Structure Provides Key To Unraveling Function Of Bizarre Dinosaur Crests

October 16, 2008 — Paleontologists have long debated the function of the strange, bony crests on the heads of... Read More

Computation And Genomics Data Drive Bacterial Research Into New Golden Age

December 9, 2008 — A potent combination of powerful new analysis methods and abundant data from genomics projects is... Read More

The geosimulation of West Nile virus propagation: a multi-agent and climate sensitive tool for risk management in public health

The geosimulation of West Nile virus propagation: a multi-agent and climate sensitive tool for risk management in public... Read More

MDCT Angiography Helps Lead to Successful Treatment of Patients with Severely Blocked Arteries in the Legs

MDCT angiography leads to accurate recommendations for successful treatment of patients with critical limb ischemia,... Read More

Medical Imaging Physics

Medical Imaging Physics      ... Read More

“Powerhouses” from living cells power new explosives detector

November 12, 2008 -- Researchers in Missouri have borrowed the technology that living cells use to produce energy to... Read More

Toward non-invasive disease diagnosis with “wellness cards”

A new electronic "reader" could provide disease diagnosis from a small amount of a patient's saliva or... Read More

How Global Is The Global Biodiversity Information Facility?

Biologists and computer scientists have appealed for more information on the world's biodiversity to be stored digitally so... Read More

Old-Growth Forest Degradation: The Not-So-Slow Depletion of a Natural Resource

by Cheri Bermudez September 2007 Opening Thoughts As Earth’s population increases the amount of livable space... Read More

Biodiversity in Danger

By Vicki Mozo Biodiversity is in peril. One of the major factors causing the augmenting biodiversity loss is related to... Read More

Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Allen Telescope Array Begins Scientific Observations

The Allen Telescope Array. (Credit: Image courtesy of SETI Institute) (Click image to... Read More


Protein Definition Proteins are biomolecules comprised of amino acid residues joined together by peptide bonds.... Read More

Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning

Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning      ... Read More

Hunting phenomenon

Hunting phenomenon --> hunting reaction An unusual reaction of digital blood vessels exposed to cold; vasoconstriction is... Read More

Hunting reaction

Hunting reaction An unusual reaction of digital blood vessels exposed to cold; vasoconstriction is alternated with... Read More

Immune response

Immune Response Definition An immune response is defined as the reaction of the body in response to the presence of a... Read More


Reviewed by: Todd Smith, PhD Nucleotide Definition noun, plural: nucleotides (nu·cle·o·tide,... Read More

Extensor aponeurosis

Extensor aponeurosis --> extensor digital expansion a triangular tendinous aponeurosis including the tendon of the... Read More


Definition noun The process of creating an exact copy of a biological unit (e.g. a DNA sequence, cell, or organism) from... Read More