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Disk 1. A discus; a quoit. Some whirl the disk, and some the javelin dart. (Pope) 2. A flat, circular plate; as, a disk of... Read More

Airy disk

Airy disk (Science: microscopy) The image of a bright point object as focused by a lens system. With monochromatic light, it... Read More

Merkels tactile disk

Definition noun A single sensory nerve ending characterized by a terminal cuplike, expanded tip that is in contact with the... Read More

Merkel disk receptor

Definition noun A single sensory nerve ending characterized by a terminal cuplike, expanded tip that is in contact with the... Read More

Ideas on gas-giant planet formation take shape

Rocky planets such as Earth and Mars are born when small particles smash together to form larger, planet-sized clusters in... Read More

Planet Or Failed Star? One Of Smallest Stellar Companions Seen By Hubble

Planet Or Failed Star? One Of Smallest Stellar Companions Seen By Hubble     This... Read More

Scientists find the reason behind black holes’ light shows

Scientists Find The Reason Behind Black Holes' Light Shows A team of astronomers led by the University of Michigan may know... Read More

Astronomers See Inside A Quasar For The First Time

      An optical image of the quasar RXJ1131-1231, magnified by a gravitational lens.... Read More

Forming super-Earths by ultraviolet stripping

Washington, DC. A new explanation for forming "super-Earths" suggests that they are more likely to be found... Read More

Complete Genomics launches, becomes world’s first large-scale human genome sequencing company

Complete Genomics Inc., a third-generation human genome sequencing company, today announced its formal launch as the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: medusae (zoology) The freely-swimming, umbrella- or disk-shaped gelatinous form of Cnidarians (as... Read More


Discoid Shaped like a disk. Origin: gr. Diskos =... Read More


Face 1. The exterior form or appearance of anything; that part which presents itself to the view; especially, the front or... Read More

Zone of inhibition

Definition noun (microbiology) The clear region around the paper disc saturated with an antimicrobial agent on the agar... Read More


Chloroplast Definition What is chloroplast? In biology, a chloroplast refers to the organelle found within the cell of... Read More


Definition noun plural: cisternae cis·ter·na, sɪˈstɜːnə (cell biology) The flattened membrane disk containing... Read More

Giardia Loses Its Hold On Intestinal Tissue After ‘Tonic Shock’

Known in America chiefly as the bane of hikers, the single-celled intestinal parasite Giardia lamblia is a major cause of... Read More

Earth-like Planets May Be More Common Than Once Thought

More than one-third of the giant planet systems recently detected outside Earth's solar system may harbor Earth-like... Read More

Hubble Captures A Rare Eclipse On Uranus

      A new Hubble Space Telescope image shows a never-before-seen astronomical... Read More

Z disc

Definition noun, plural: Z discs The region or line formed in the sarcomere into which the thin filaments are... Read More


Daisy Origin: oe. Dayesye, as. Daegeseage day's eye, daisy. See day, and eye. (Science: botany) a genus of low herbs... Read More

Cartilaginous joint

Definition noun, plural: cartilaginous joints A joint covered with cartilage, such as hyaline or fibrocartilage to allow... Read More


sunflower Any plant of the genus helianthus; so called probably from the form and colour of its flower, which is large disk... Read More


radiate 1. To emit rays; to be radiant; to shine. Virtues shine more clear In them kings, and radiant like the sun at noon.... Read More

Ring test

ring test --> ring precipitin test A precipitin test in which antigen solution is carefully layered over antibody solution... Read More

Articulatio radiocarpea

Articulatio radiocarpea --> wrist joint The synovial joint between the distal end of the radius and its articular disk... Read More

Yolk sac

Definition noun, plural: yolk sacs A membranous sac formed by the hypoblast and encases the yolk of eggs in bony fishes,... Read More


Definition noun singular: cisterna Plural form of cisterna, i.e. the flattened membrane disk containing fluid, such as... Read More


salamander 1. (Science: zoology) Any one of numerous species of urodela, belonging to salamandra, Amblystoma, Plethodon, and... Read More


A seaweed refers to any of the macroscopic marine algae. They include the conspicuous, multicellular algal species of... Read More


Discus 1. A quoit; a circular plate of some heavy material intended to be pitched or hurled as a trial of strength and... Read More

Macula lutea

Macula lutea An oval area in the retina, 3 to 5 mm in diameter, usually located temporal to the posterior pole of the eye... Read More


Myocardium Definition What is the myocardium of the heart?  It is the muscular middle layer of the heart that is... Read More


Chordata Definition What is Chordata? Chordata is the phylum of the animal kingdom that includes a large number of animal... Read More

Primitive streak

primitive streak An ectodermal ridge in the midline at the caudal end of the embryonic disk from which arises the... Read More

Intra-articular cartilage

Intra-articular cartilage --> articular disc a plate or ring of fibrocartilage attached to the joint capsule and... Read More


Symbiosis Definition What is symbiosis? Symbiosis can be defined as any kind of relationship or interaction between two... Read More


Definition adjective (1) Of, pertaining to, or relating to the sense of touch or the sense of pressure, as in tactile... Read More

Muscle cell

Definition noun, plural: muscle cells Any of the long, tubular mature contractile cells that make up the muscle... Read More