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Distention The state of being distended or enlarged, the act of... Read More

MR Arthrography is More Accurate than MR in Diagnosing Shoulder Tears

January 9, 2009 -- MR arthrography of the shoulder allows physicians to better identify tears and provides patients with... Read More


Inflation distention by a fluid or gas. Synonym: vesiculation. Origin: L. Inflatio, fr. In-flo, pp. -flatus, to blow into,... Read More


Definition noun plural: galactoses ga·lac·tose, ɡəˈlæktəʊz An aldohexose monosaccharide (chemical formula:... Read More


Definition noun plural: lactoses lac·tose, ˈlæk.toʊs A disaccharide (chemical formula: C12H22O11) made up of one... Read More


Lightening sensation of decreased abdominal distention during the later weeks of pregnancy following the descent of the... Read More


Definition noun plural: isomaltoses i·so·mal·tose, aɪsoʊˈmɔːltəʊz A disaccharide formed from the combination of... Read More

Exudation cyst

Exudation cyst a cyst resulting from distention of a closed cavity, such as a bursa, by an excessive secretion of its normal... Read More

Retention cyst

retention cyst A cyst resulting from some obstruction to the excretory duct of a gland. Synonym: distention cyst, secretory... Read More


Turgidity is the state of being turgid or swollen, especially due to high fluid content. In general context, turgidity... Read More

Atrial natriuretic hormone

Definition noun A peptide hormone released by the atrial heart muscle cells in response to atrial distention, hypertension,... Read More

G cell

Definition noun, plural: G cells The cell that secretes gastrin, and chiefly located in the stomach and... Read More


Definition noun plural: isomaltuloses A disaccharide comprised of a glucose monomer and a fructose monomer joined by... Read More