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Cellular Dumping Site Is Not Garbage After All

Cells can reuse the chemical messengers that carry genetic information to the machinery that makes proteins. Sometimes cells... Read More

Biofuel Cells Without The Bio Cells

Proteins keep cells humming. Some are enzymes that taxi electrons to chemicals outside the cell, to discharge excess energy... Read More

Researchers Look Into Growing Biofuel Crops On Abandoned Industrial Sites

Growing crops for biofuels summons images of fuel alternatives springing from the rural heartland. But a Michigan State... Read More

Bio accumulatikon of heavy metals in the East Kolkata wetland and its health hazards

  By: Dip Jyoti Chakraborty & Utpal Chakraborty   Motivation of the Project: Natural Wetlands provide numerous... Read More

Cornell finds deadly fish virus in the Northeast is spreading to other species

July 20, 2006 -- Cornell researchers have found that a deadly fish virus detected in the northeastern United States for the... Read More

Cells Send Dirty Laundry Home to Mom

Understanding how aged and damaged mother cells manage to form new and undamaged daughter cells is one of the toughest... Read More