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Ependymal cells

Ependymal cell cells that line cavities in the central nervous system considered to be a type of glial... Read More

Tractus tuberoinfundibularis

tractus tuberoinfundibularis --> tuberoinfundibular tract A system of fine, unmyelinated fibres apparently originating... Read More

Mantle layer

Mantle layer The nuclear zone of the developing neural tube between the marginal layer and the ependymal layer; forms the... Read More

Cerebrospinal fluid

Definition noun, plural: cerebrospinal fluids A clear, colorless body fluid that fills the ventricles of the brain and the... Read More

Aqueduct of cerebrum

Aqueduct of cerebrum --> cerebral aqueduct An ependymal-lined canal in the mesencephalon about 20 mm long, connecting the... Read More

Lamina affixa

Lamina affixa That part of the medial ependymal wall of the lateral ventricle of the embryonic brain that in later... Read More