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Excitatory synapse

Definition noun (1) A synapse in which the nerve impulse in a presynaptic cell tend to increase the probability of the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: synapses A specialized structure or junction that allows cell to cell communication. verb (1) To... Read More

Axon terminal

An axon terminal is any of the button-like endings of axons through which axons make synaptic contacts with other nerve... Read More

Axon hillock

Axon Hillock Definition What is axon hillock? If you are familiar with the different parts of the neuron, the axon hillock... Read More


Definition noun The deprivation or the process of neutralization of polarity, as that in nerve... Read More


Definition adjective (1) Of or pertaining to or being on the receiving end of a discharge across a synapse. (2) Pertaining... Read More


Ganglia Definition What are ganglia? To simply define ganglia in biology, it is the structure of an oval shape that... Read More