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Exotic species

Exotic Species Definition What is an exotic species? In biology, an exotic species refers to a plant species or an animal... Read More


Exotic Not native to a given area, either intentionally transplanted from another region or introduced accidentally. Being... Read More

Veterinary Parasitology: Reference Manual by W.J. Foreyt

Veterinary Parasitology: Reference Manual      ... Read More

Beekeeping for Dummies by H. Blackiston

Beekeeping for Dummies     AUTHORS:  ... Read More

Beekeeping for Dummies

Beekeeping for Dummies      AUTHOR:  ... Read More

Ameranthropoides loysi

"Ameranthropoides loysi" (otherwise known as de Loys' Ape) is the unofficial name for a large primate supposedly... Read More


Species Definition (1) (taxonomy) The lowest taxonomic rank, and the most basic unit or category of biological... Read More


Aristotle --> aristotle, Asclepliad of Stagira (Science: person) The son of a physician and old Asclepiad family was born... Read More


Foreign 1. Outside; extraneous; separated; alien; as, a foreign country; a foreign government. Foreign worlds. 2. Not native... Read More

Why Is The Mary River Turtle Endangered

The Mary River TurtleĀ  (Elusor macrurus) has been named recently as one of the species on the brink of extinction. That is... Read More