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Expression vector

Definition noun, plural: expression vectors A plasmid containing the required regulatory sequences specifically used for the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: vectors (1) (epidemiology) An organism or vehicle that transmits the causative agent or... Read More

Expression system

Expression system (Science: molecular biology) combination of an expression vector, its cloned dna, and the host for the... Read More

Expression construct

Definition noun Synonym for expression vector, which is a plasmid that carries and transmits specific genes expressed within... Read More

Expression library

Expression library (Science: molecular biology) a library of dna fragments which was created with an expression vector so... Read More


Cos cell (Science: cell culture) a cell line derived from the african green monkey and used for transfection and cloning.... Read More

Selectable marker

selectable marker (Science: molecular biology) A gene whose expression allows one to identify cells that have been... Read More

Diurnal periodicity

Diurnal periodicity a circadian rhythm with primary expression of the periodicity during daylight hours, as in the release... Read More