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Mimicking Viruses May Provide New Way To Defeat Them

MADISON - Viruses, often able to outsmart many of the drugs designed to defeat them, may have met their match, according... Read More

Epstein-Barr Virus – It’s More Than Just The Kiss

Epstein-Barr virus -- the virus causing the kissing disease or mononucleosis -- is eyed as a risk factor for contracting... Read More

Ebola virus: from wildlife to dogs

Ebola virus infection in humans provokes a violent haemorrhagic fever. It usually flares up as intense epidemics. These... Read More

Biologists see combined structure of cold virus and receptor molecule

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Biologists at Purdue University have determined the combined structure of a common-cold virus... Read More


Definition noun, plural: viruses A submicroscopic infectious agent that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host... Read More

Pandemic coronavirus disease COVID-19 feared inevitable

When we thought we are spared by the dreadful coronaviruses, like SARS-CoV, here we are again in a pandemonium over a... Read More

Rabies pathobiology and its RNA virus agent – Lyssavirus

Having a dog as a pet presents a myriad of benefits. One of them is having a companion reputed for being charismatic and... Read More

Zika detection: comparison of methodologies

Zika virus is mainly spread by mosquitoes particularly female that is active during daytime to feed blood in order to lay... Read More

Scientists Learn More About How Viruses Reproduce, Spread

Biochemists at Wake Forest University School of Medicine have made a surprising discovery about the inner workings of a... Read More

Measles vaccine hesitancy leads to outbreaks, deaths of unvaccinated

Many people are afraid of getting measles vaccine these days. The fear arises from the allegedly adverse effects of it, such... Read More

A step forward in virology

Trojan horse of viruses revealed The vaccinia virus has a problem: it is a giant among viruses and needs a special strategy... Read More

New Details On How The Immune System Recognizes Influenza

Drawing upon a massive database established with funds from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases... Read More

West Nile Virus Can Cause Polio-like Symptoms

HONOLULU, HI More evidence shows that West Nile virus can cause a polio-like syndrome with paralysis and impaired... Read More

Ebola Virus – Invasive, Evasive, Lethal

By Maria Victoria Gonzaga Invasive... The Ebola virus disease is caused by the four known viruses of the genus Ebolavirus:... Read More

New 3-D Structural Model Of Critical H1N1 Protein Developed

In just two weeks from the time the first patient virus samples were made available, Singapore scientists report an... Read More

New bird flu drug promises to beat the problem of resistance

A new kind of drug to fight bird flu that will not suffer from the same kind of resistance problems as current treatments... Read More

Genetically engineered mosquitoes show resistance to dengue fever virus

Researchers create new tool against transmission of virus Irvine, Calif., -- Researchers have successfully created a... Read More

Mayo Clinic Researchers Create ‘Obedient Virus’; First Step To Use Measles Virus Against Cancer

ROCHESTER, Minn. -- An international team of Mayo Clinic-led researchers is first to devise a system that consistently... Read More

Researchers Discover Cold Virus Can ‘Hit And Hide’

An international team of researchers has discovered that respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a common cold virus causing... Read More

Flu virus trots globe during off season

The influenza A virus does not lie dormant during summer but migrates globally and mixes with other viral strains before... Read More

Common House Sparrows Potential Reservoir For West Nile Virus

Common house sparrows may be an important reservoir host for West Nile virus, Dr. Nicholas Komar reported at the annual... Read More

Scientists Reconstruct Migration Of Avian Flu Virus

UC Irvine researchers have combined genetic and geographic data of the H5N1 avian flu virus to reconstruct its history... Read More

UCI scientists reconstruct migration of avian flu virus

Study results may give health officials road map for interventions Irvine, Calif., UC Irvine researchers have combined... Read More

Researchers Discover How Leukaemia Virus Spreads Through The Body; Discovery Could Eventually Lead To New Treatments For HIV And AIDS

Researchers from Imperial College London, University of Oxford, Kagoshima University (Japan) and University of the Ryukyus... Read More

Bioinformatics Successfully Predicts Immune Response To One Of The Most Complex Viruses Known

Bioinformatics Successfully Predicts Immune Response To One Of The Most Complex Viruses Known The use of computers to... Read More

Interaction between Bluetongue virus outer capsid protein VP2 and vimentin is necessary for virus egress

Bishnupriya Bhattacharya, Rob J Noad and Polly Roy Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, London School of... Read More

Newly discovered virus linked to deadly skin cancer

Novel sequencing technique used at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute reveals new cancer virus; reported in the... Read More

LIAI finding gives boost to bioinformatics use in fighting disease

The use of computers to advance human disease research — known as bioinformatics — has received a major boost from... Read More

New field-deployable biosensor detects avian influenza virus in minutes instead of days

Quick identification of avian influenza infection in poultry is critical to controlling outbreaks, but current detection... Read More

Potential viral therapy weapon for difficult cancers is safe and effective in study

Study led by Cincinnati Children's proposes further development to advance treatment CINCINNATI - Combining a herpes virus... Read More

Unraveling the viral mechanism

Using powerful computer tools and cryo-electron microscopes, researchers at Baylor College of Medicine unmasked the secrets... Read More

Ebola virus a threat to great ape populations

The Ebola virus, identified for the first time in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (ex-Zaire), has unleashed several... Read More

Cornell lab confirms deadly fish virus spreading to new species

May 21, 2007 (ITHACA, N.Y.) -- A lethal fish virus in the Great Lakes and neighboring waterways is approaching epidemic... Read More

Researchers simulate complete structure of virus — on a computer

    An overall computer-simulated view of the satellite tobacco mosaic virus credit:... Read More

Molecular anatomy of influenza virus detailed

     The three-dimensional structure of influenza virus from electron tomography. The... Read More

St. Jude influenza survey uncovers key differences between bird flu and human flu

Specific mutations linked to immune suppression and viral replications differ between bird and human flu viruses could be... Read More

Genomic analysis uncovers new targets for HIV vaccine

DURHAM, N.C. -- An international team of researchers has identified three gene variants in the DNA of 486 people infected... Read More

Novel Virus Entry Mechanism Could Lead To New Drugs Against Poxviruses

Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on 11 April describes how the Imperial College... Read More

Catching The Common Cold Virus Genome

A new study by Brigham Young University researchers on the virus behind nearly half of all cold infections explains how and... Read More