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Fibreoptic endoscope

Fibreoptic endoscope (Science: instrument) a flexible fibreoptic scope that is used to directly visualize the internal... Read More


Fibreoptic Pertaining to... Read More


Hysteroscopy (Science: procedure) hysteroscopy is the examination of the inner cavity of the uterus through a fibreoptic... Read More

Anterior cruciate ligament

Anterior cruciate ligament (Science: anatomy) a ligament that stabilises the knee joint. (Science: orthopaedics) a common... Read More


Colonoscopy (Science: procedure) An endoscopic (fibreoptic) examination of the large intestine... Read More

Carpal tunnel release

Carpal tunnel release (Science: orthopaedics, procedure) An orthopaedic surgical procedure which relieves the pressure... Read More