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Fibrillation (Science: physiology) a small, local, involuntary contraction of muscle, invisible under the skin, resulting... Read More


Myocardium Definition What is the myocardium of the heart?  It is the muscular middle layer of the heart that is... Read More

Pulse deficit

Definition noun A deficit in pulse when there is a difference in the apical pulse and the peripheral pulse determined by the... Read More


Af --> atrial fibrillation (Science: cardiology) a condition where there is disorganised electrical conduction in the... Read More

Arterial embolism

Arterial embolism (Science: cardiology, physiology) a sudden interruption in arterial blood flow to an organ or body part... Read More


Blood Blood is composed of a liquid, plasma, and blood cells such as erythrocytes (red blood cells,) leukocytes (white... Read More