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Figwort (Science: botany) a genus of herbaceous plants (Scrophularia), mostly found in the north temperate zones. See... Read More


sweetweed (Science: botany) A name for two tropical American weeds (Capraria biflora, and Scoparia dulcis) of the figwort... Read More


scrophularia (Science: botany) A genus of coarse herbs having small flowers in panicled cymes; figwort. Origin: NL. So... Read More


scrophulariaceous (Science: botany) Of or pertaining to a very large natural order of gamopetalous plants (Scrophulariaceae,... Read More


Brownwort (Science: botany) a species of figwort or scrophularia (s. Vernalis), and other species of the same genus, mostly... Read More


toadflax (Science: botany) An herb (Linaria vulgaris) of the figwort family, having narrow leaves and showy orange and... Read More