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First multi-center trial shows cryosurgery successful at treating some early-stage breast cancer

Size of tumor, type of cancer determines effectiveness ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Imagine being treated for breast cancer right... Read More


Cancer definition In biology, cancer is defined as the malignant growth due to uncontrolled cell division. It is now used... Read More

Discovering How Environment Contributes To Breast Cancer

Breast cancer incidence in the United States ranks near the top internationally. And just across the Golden Gate from UCSF... Read More

Freezing out Breast Cancer

Interventional radiologists have opened the door to an encouraging potential future treatment for the nearly 200,000 women... Read More

Jefferson Scientists Show “Dachshund” Gene Reverts Cancer Genes to Normal, Predicts Breast Cancer Prognosis

Scientists at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have shown that the activity of a... Read More

Speeding discovery of the ‘human cancer genome’

Two gene discoveries announced in separate reports in the June 30, 2006 issue of Cell highlight one way to speed through... Read More

Men Don’t Recognize Their Breast Cancer Until A Late Stage

CHICAGO -- Breast cancer in men is usually detected when the tumors are bigger, have spread and may be more aggressive,... Read More

Cancer Genomics Browser Gives Cancer Researchers A Powerful New Tool

March 2009 -- A Cancer Genomics Browser developed by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, provides a... Read More

Effort aims to spike breast cancer with new approach

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — March 11, 2010 — Many women live with breast cancer that does not respond to standard medical... Read More

Freezing Cancer Cells Makes Them Prime Targets For Anti-Cancer Drug, New Study Finds

Freezing Cancer Cells Makes Them Prime Targets For Anti-Cancer Drug, New Study Finds Berkeley - The answer to improving the... Read More

Lung Cancer – when your normal cells turn against you

By Vicki Mozo   Overview Lung cancer is a disease affecting many men and women from around the world. It continues to... Read More

Freezing Breast Tumors Helps Stop Cancer’s Spread in Mice, Study Finds

Freezing a cancer kills it in its place, and also appears to generate an immune response that helps stop the cancer's... Read More

Compendium Of Pancreatic Cancer Biomarkers Established As Strategic Approach To Early-Detection

A cancer scientist from Johns Hopkins has convinced an international group of colleagues to delay their race to find new... Read More

Immune characterization of Breast Cancer Metastases

Breast cancer is the occurrence of lumps or thickening of the surrounding tissues of the breast mostly in women. Yet it also... Read More

Scientists find a way to detect which breast abnormalities may develop into cancer

Scientists at the Royal Liverpool University Hospitals in the UK have found a way of testing whether certain abnormalities... Read More

New Computer Algorithm Helps Physicians Determine and Monitor Breast Density: Increased Breast Density is a Strong Predictor of Overall Breast Cancer Risk

A new computerized assessment has been developed that can help physicians objectively assess a patient’s breast density... Read More

Yale test detects early stage ovarian cancer with 99 percent accuracy

February 2008 -- Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have developed a blood test with enough sensitivity and specificity... Read More

Using nanotechnology, UCLA researchers discover cancer cells ‘feel’ much softer than normal cells

Method may provide a new diagnostic tool for cancerA multidisciplinary team of UCLA scientists were able to differentiate... Read More

Investigational Treatment for Deadly Bladder Cancer, Developed Using New Research Model, by Columbia University Medical Center Faculty-Led Team

Inhibiting the mTOR Signaling Pathway with a Drug called Rapamycin Found to Slow the Progression of Bladder Tumors in... Read More

Ancient Chinese Folk Remedy May Hold Key To Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment

Two bioengineering researchers at the University of Washington have discovered a promising potential treatment for cancer... Read More

Most Carriers Of Fanconi Anemia Genes Are Not At Higher Risk Of Cancer

January 30, 2008 — For almost 50 years, Fanconi anemia has been associated with leukemia. Not just among those who... Read More

Molecular biology of breast metastasis: The use of mathematical models to determine relapse and to predict response to chemotherapy in breast cancer

Molecular biology of breast metastasis: The use of mathematical models to determine relapse and to predict response to... Read More

Colon Cancer Link To Obesity Uncovered

October 2008 — A new study reveals the first-ever genetic link between obesity and colon cancer risk, a finding that... Read More

Prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Definition Prostate cancer is cancer that develops in the prostate. The prostate is a small conical gland... Read More

Deakin University research finds rogue cells that could cause spread of breast cancer

Stephanie Lebret completed the study for her PhD at Deakin's Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology under the... Read More

Targeted drug delivery achieved with nanoparticle-aptamer bioconjugates

Ground-breaking results from researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA,... Read More

Multiple skin cancer risk behaviors are common among US adults

Fox Chase Cancer Center study in American Journal of Preventive Medicine Whether you’re basking on the beach during... Read More

Cryosurgery Offers New Hope For Liver Cancer Patients

A surgical procedure that literally freezes cancer in its tracks is giving hope to patients who have not been helped by... Read More

Technique may allow cancer patients to freeze eggs, preserving fertility before starting treatment

A new technique might allow women diagnosed with cancer the opportunity to have children when chemotherapy and radiation... Read More

RASER proteins selectively “hack” and “shut down” cancer cells

According to World Health Organization, cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. The record showed that it... Read More

Regular Exercise, Keeping Weight In Check Reduces Breast-cancer Risk In Postmenopausal Women

Postmenopausal women who want to significantly decrease their breast-cancer risk would be wise to exercise regularly and... Read More

Cancer stem cells can go it alone

La Jolla, CA - At the heart of most, if not all cancers, lie a handful of wayward stem cells that feed the ever growing... Read More

Freezing Kidney Cancer: Hot Treatment Should Be New Gold Standard For Destroying Small Tumors

Freezing kidney tumors—using a safe minimally invasive interventional radiology treatment that kills the cancer 100... Read More

Moderate Physical Activity is Critical for Reducing the Risk of Chronic Disease in Older Women

Exercise melts intra-abdominal fat, a hidden risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes SEATTLE — Jan. 14, 2003 —... Read More

Early-Stage Lung Cancer Identified Using Computer-Aided System Dramatically Increases One’s Chance for Survival

A computer-aided detection (CAD) method may help radiologists identify cancerous lung nodules at an early stage, according... Read More

Early warning: PSA testing can predict advanced prostate cancer

February 2008 -- Researchers who showed that a single prostate specific antigen (PSA) test at age 50 or under could predict... Read More

New algorithm matches any tumor cells to best possible anti-cancer treatments

Cancer patients don’t have time to waste. Many go through several different treatments, however, to find one that is more... Read More

New radiation technique can greatly reduce painful skin burns in women with breast cancer

Breast cancer patients who undergo a new radiation technique called intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) after... Read More

Computer Based Model Helps Radiologists Diagnose Breast Cancer

Radiologists have developed a computer based model that aids them in discriminating between benign and malignant breast... Read More