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Flea-bitten kidney

Flea-bitten kidney The kidney seen at autopsy in some cases of bacterial endocarditis, the appearance being caused by... Read More

Once-a-month pill for both fleas and ticks in Fido and Fluffy

Scientists in New Jersey are describing discovery and successful tests of the first once-a-month pill for controlling both... Read More

Small Water Fleas Help Ecologists Understand Population Dynamics

A study of populations of tiny water fleas is helping ecologists to understand population dynamics, which may lead to... Read More

Rickettsia felis, a cat-flea-borne pathogen, sheds light on Rickettsial evolution

VBI researchers in collaboration with scientists from the University of Maryland School of Medicine have created a new... Read More

Sex, cleaner of genomes

When sexual species reproduce asexually, they accumulate bad mutations at an increased rate, report two Indiana University... Read More

Genome sequencing is for ecologists, too

An organism widely used for genetics-versus-environment studies has joined the panoply of mice, rats, dogs, humans and... Read More

Sediments In Many Central Valley Streams Contain Toxic Levels Of Pyrethroid Pesticides

BERKELEY A family of pesticides used increasingly nationwide in place of more heavily restricted organophosphate... Read More

Facultative parasite

Definition noun, plural: facultative parasites An organism that lives independent of a host but may occasionally be... Read More


Beach 1. Pebbles, collectively; shingle. 2. (Science: ecology) The shore of the sea, or of a lake, which is washed by the... Read More


pulicide A chemical agent destructive to fleas. Origin: L. Pulex (pulic-), flea, - caedo, to... Read More


Definition noun (protozoology) The common name for any of the member of the genus Leptomonas Supplement Leptomonads refer to... Read More