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Flexor (Science: anatomy) a muscle which bends or flexes any part; as, the flexors of the arm or the hand; opposed to... Read More

Laciniate ligament

Laciniate ligament --> flexor retinaculum of lower limb a wide band passing from the medial malleolus to the medial and... Read More

Volar carpal ligament

volar carpal ligament --> transverse carpal ligament (Science: anatomy) A strong fibrous band crossing the front of the... Read More

Antagonistic Muscle

Definition of Antagonistic Muscle What does the term “antagonistic” mean? As the name suggests, the word antagonistic... Read More

Falx inguinalis

Falx inguinalis --> conjoint tendon Common tendon of insertion of the transversus and obliquus internus muscles into the... Read More

Control of Body Movement

Motor Control Hierarchy A motor program is the pattern of neural activities required to perform a movement is created and... Read More