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Definition noun, plural: forelimbs The anterior limb, or similar appendage on certain animals, e.g. wing, flipper, fin, leg,... Read More


In evolutionary biology, the meaning of analogous is “having similarities in functions but different evolutionary... Read More


Homologous Definition What is homologous? In general science, the word “homologous” is used to show a degree of... Read More

Convergent evolution

Convergent evolution definition What is convergent evolution? Convergent evolution is a concept in evolutionary biology... Read More


What is homogenous? What does homogenous mean? The word homogenous has been derived from two Greek words that are “homo”... Read More


Radius One of two bones which constitute the forearm. The largest portion of the radius is at the wrist joint where it... Read More

Hind limb

Definition noun, plural: hind limbs The back limb, or the posterior extremity of an animal. Supplement The hind limb... Read More

Analogous structures

In evolutionary biology, analogous structures are defined as biological structures having similar or corresponding functions... Read More