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Pond fracture

pond fracture A circular depressed skull... Read More


Fracture (Science: orthopaedics) a break or rupture in the cortex of bone. The act of breaking a bone. Origin: L. Fractura,... Read More

Fracture bed

Fracture bed a narrow, extra-firm bed for treatment of fractures; usually incorporates an overhead frame for traction... Read More

P face

P face --> freeze fracture method of specimen preparation for the electron microscope in which rapidly frozen tissue is... Read More

Buck’s traction

Definition A longitudinal skin traction applied to extremity in one direction with a single pulley, and keeping the leg in... Read More


Definition noun, plural: osteoporoses A disease of bone in which the bones become extremely porous and are subject to... Read More


Definition noun, plural: fixations (biological technique) The use of a fixative to preserve histological, cytological, or... Read More


Anchor splint a splint used for fracture of the jaw, with wires around teeth and a rod to hold it in... Read More


Crack a fissure or fracture. Caused by the effects of stress on weak or weakened parts of a material. to break a large,... Read More


regma (Science: botany) A kind of dry fruit, consisting of three or more cells, each which at length breaks open at the... Read More

Roser-nelaton line

Roser-Nelaton line --> Nelaton's line A line drawn from the anterior superior iliac spine to the tuberosity of the... Read More

Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Mechanics and Design in Musculoskeletal Systems

Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Mechanics and Design in Musculoskeletal Systems ... Read More


Callus 1. (Science: botany) undifferentiated plant tissue produced at wound edge callus tissue can be grown in vitro and... Read More

Fibrous union

Fibrous union union of fracture by fibrous tissue. See: nonunion. Synonym: faulty... Read More

Skeletal traction

skeletal traction traction pull on a bone structure mediated through pin or wire inserted into the bone to reduce a fracture... Read More

False joint

False joint --> pseudarthrosis a pathologic entity characterised by deossification of a weight-bearing long bone, followed... Read More

Paracentric inversion

Definition noun, plural: paracentric inversions (genetics) An inversion of a segment of chromosome in which the centromere... Read More

Pericentric inversion

Definition noun, plural: pericentric inversions (genetics) An inversion of a segment of chromosome in which the centromere... Read More

Chromosomal inversion

Definition noun, plural: chromosomal inversions A chromosomal aberration wherein a segment of a chromosome is reversed... Read More


Infraction a fracture; especially one without displacement. Synonym: infracture. Origin: L. Infractio, a breaking, fr.... Read More


scar To mark with a scar or scars. Yet I'll not shed her blood; Nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snow. (Shak) His... Read More

Bryants traction

Bryants traction traction upon the lower limb placed vertically, employed especially in fractures of the femur in... Read More


reduce 1. To bring or lead back to any former place or condition. And to his brother's house reduced his wife. (Chapman) The... Read More

Coughing Cats May Be Allergic to People, Vets Say

    People can trigger asthma attacks in cats, according to veterinarians at a Scottish... Read More


Definition noun plural: compounds com·pound, ˈkɒmpaʊnd (general) A material made up of two or more parts or... Read More


Fault 1. Defect; want; lack; default. One, it pleases me, for fault of a better, to call my friend. (Shak) 2. Anything that... Read More


Chance G.Q., 20th century British radiologist. See: chance fracture. a measure of how likely it is that some event will... Read More


Joint 1. To unite by a joint or joints; to fit together; to prepare so as to fit together; as, to joint boards. Pierced... Read More


Cast (Science: orthopaedics) a molded orthopaedic appliance that may be composed of fibreglass or plaster useful in the... Read More


Breach Origin: oe. Breke, breche, as. Brice, gebrice, gebrece (in comp), fr. Brecan to break; akin to dan. Braek, MHG.... Read More


Definition noun, plural: tears (physiology) The watery secretion of the lacrimal glands verb To pull (apart) by force or by... Read More

E face

E face in freeze fracture the plasma membrane cleaves between the acyl tails of membrane phospholipids, leaving a monolayer... Read More


Compartment syndrome (Science: syndrome) a group of symptoms which indicate a nerve, blood vessel or tendon is being... Read More

Keens sign

Keens sign (Science: clinical sign) Increased width at the malleoli in potts... Read More


resin Any one of a class of yellowish brown solid inflammable substances, of vegetable origin, which are nonconductors of... Read More


reduction (Science: orthopaedics, surgery) The correction of a fracture, dislocation or hernia. The act of decreasing or... Read More


Radius One of two bones which constitute the forearm. The largest portion of the radius is at the wrist joint where it... Read More

Anchor splint

Anchor splint a splint used for fracture of the jaw, with wires around teeth and a rod to hold it in... Read More

Degenerative disease

A degenerative disease is defined as a disease characterized by the worsening condition due to the deterioration of the... Read More