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Gas Origin: Invented by the chemist van Helmont of brussels, who died in 1644. 1. An aeriform fluid; a term used at first by... Read More

Presence Of Planets In Young Gas Discs Hinted At Using Clever New Astronomical Method

Astronomers have been able to study planet-forming discs around young Sun-like stars in unsurpassed detail,... Read More

Ideas on gas-giant planet formation take shape

Rocky planets such as Earth and Mars are born when small particles smash together to form larger, planet-sized clusters in... Read More

Discontinuous gas exchange in a tracheate arthropod, the pseudoscorpion Garypus californicus: Occurrence, characteristics and temperature dependence

Discontinuous gas exchange in a tracheate arthropod, the pseudoscorpion Garypus californicus: Occurrence, characteristics... Read More

Gas vacuole

Gas vacuole a prokaryotic cellular organelle consisting of cylindrical vesicles around 75 x 300nm, often in clusters. The... Read More

‘Hellish’ hot springs yield greenhouse gas-eating bug

December 07, 2007 -- Methane-gobbling bacteria could aid climate change battle A new species of bacteria discovered living... Read More

A new link between nickel, methane gas and the evolution of complex life forms on Earth

April 09, 2009 -- Edmonton-A University of Alberta researcher is lead author on a paper that reaches back billions of years... Read More

A gas, Viagra and sex in plants – researchers at the IGC have found a link

Viagra affects growth of the male sex organ of plants, by intensifying the effect of nitric oxide during plant... Read More

Suffocating gas

suffocating gas A gas, such as chlorine or phosgene, that causes intense irritation of the bronchial tubes and lungs,... Read More

Offshore oil and gas platforms could provide more than just fuel; cures for cancer and AIDS could be at stake

BATON ROUGE -- Offshore oil and gas platforms may begin providing consumers with more than just fuel, thanks to new... Read More


Definition noun plural: nitrogens ni·tro·gen, ˈnɐɪtʰɹədʒən (biochemistry) A colorless, odorless, gaseous... Read More

Gas-guzzling bacteria

The discovery of a new soil bacterium that consumes methane by oxidising it under atmospheric conditions is reported in... Read More

Greenhouse gas

Definition noun Any of the atmospheric gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. Supplement Examples of greenhouse gases... Read More

Gas constant

Gas constant R (symbol for the constant) = 8.314 × 107 ergs per degree Celsius per mole = 8.314 j K-1 mol-1 (joules... Read More

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but gasoline might

Researchers have made a breakthrough in the development of "green gasoline," a liquid identical to standard... Read More

Greenhouse Gas Effect Consistent Over 420 Million Years

New calculations show that sensitivity of Earth's climate to changes in the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) has been... Read More

AKARI’s View On Birth And Death Of Stars

  AKARI's mid-infrared image of reflection nebula IC 1396. ... Read More

Carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Definition noun, car·bon di·ox·ide, /daɪˈɒksaɪd/ (biochemistry) An inorganic compound, with the... Read More

Forming super-Earths by ultraviolet stripping

Washington, DC. A new explanation for forming "super-Earths" suggests that they are more likely to be found... Read More

Scientists Discover Key Ingredient In Sexual Reproduction

    A scanning electron microscope shows a single sea urchin egg surrounded by thousands... Read More

NASA’s Chandra Finds Black Holes Are ‘Green’

    X-ray, Radio, Infrared Image of NGC 4696. (Image from X-ray: NASA/CXC/KIPAC/S.Allen... Read More


Definition noun, plural: vesicles (general) A small sac or cyst containing fluid or gas (cell biology) A bubble-like... Read More

Penn researchers use the abdomen to deliver oxygen to assist ailing lungs

Novel technique, based on an animal model, could buy needed time to heal damaged lungs and save lives (Philadelphia, PA)... Read More

Smashing Young Stars Leave Dwarfs In Their Wake

Astronomers have discovered that the large disks of gas and dust around young stars will fragment if two young stars pass... Read More


Fermentation Definition What is fermentation? Fermentation is the breaking down of sugar molecules into simpler compounds... Read More


Hydrogen is one of the chemical elements found in nature. A chemical element refers to the pure substance of one type of... Read More

Nitrous Oxide Emissions Respond Differently to No-Till Depending on the Soil Type

Authors report that within the first 5 yr of adopting a no-tillage practice in a heavy clay soil, nitrous oxide emissions... Read More


meter 1. One who, or that which, metes or measures. See coal-meter. 2. An instrument for measuring, and usually for... Read More


Aerate 1. To combine or charge with gas; usually with carbonic acid gas, formerly called fixed air. His sparkling sallies... Read More


Definition noun, plural: matters (1) The material of the universe, especially one that occupies space and has mass (2) The... Read More

Breakthrough Research On Ocean Algae Could Lead To Freeze- And Drought- Resistant Crops

"The missing link" has been found in how tiny ocean algae produce a chemical substance that influences cloud... Read More

Climate Threshold May Alter Economic Picture Of Climate Change

Typical economic analysis applied to global warming may be biased because they neglect climate thresholds, according to... Read More


Oxygen Definition In biochemistry, oxygen is the colorless, odorless, gaseous element represented by the symbol "O", with... Read More


meter 1. One who, or that which, metes or measures. See coal-meter. 2. An instrument for measuring, and usually for... Read More

Earth-like Planets May Be More Common Than Once Thought

More than one-third of the giant planet systems recently detected outside Earth's solar system may harbor Earth-like... Read More

Respiratory system

Definition noun An organ system comprised of organs and structures associated for respiration or gas exchange Supplement An... Read More


Definition noun, plural: alveoli (1) pulmonary alveolus; air sac (2) (general) A concave cavity or pit alveolar,... Read More

Researchers Clean Up Petroleum Spills With Plants

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. A husband and wife research team at Purdue University has pioneered the use of plants to help clean up... Read More

Ozone Levels May Raise Risk Of Underweight Births: Common Pollutants Linked To Fetal Growth Retardation

Babies born to women exposed to high ozone levels during pregnancy are at heightened risk for being significantly... Read More