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Germ 1. (Science: biology) That which is to develop a new individual; as, the germ of a foetus, of a plant or flower, and... Read More

How Life Originated In Space

Life originated on the Earth more than 3.5 billion years ago. However, the scientists are still disputing over the possible... Read More


Germ 1. (Science: biology) That which is to develop a new individual; as, the germ of a foetus, of a plant or flower, and... Read More

What Lurks Beneath the Swimming Spots

In the summertime, there's nothing more inviting than refreshing pools of water. Unfortunately, pools, ponds, rivers and... Read More

Toward a fast, accurate urine test for pneumonia

Scientists are reporting a discovery of the potential basis for a urine test to diagnose community-acquired pneumonia... Read More


Germicide (Science: pharmacology) An agent that kills pathogenic microorganisms. An agent (as heat or radiation or a... Read More


particulate 1. Having the form of a particle. 2. Referring to, or produced by, particles, such as dust, minute germs, etc.... Read More


sanitization (Science: dentistry) A cleaning process which reduces germs to a safe... Read More


Generation 1. The act of generating or begetting; procreation, as of animals. 2. Origination by some process, mathematical,... Read More


sterile 1. Producing little or no crop; barren; unfruitful; unproductive; not fertile; as, sterile land; a sterile desert; a... Read More

Are We All Aliens? The New Case for Panspermia

By Robert Roy Britt Nestled safely inside the belly of a comet orbiting some unknown star, a microscopic alien sits... Read More

Using carbon nanotubes to seek and destroy anthrax toxin and other harmful proteins

New technology could enable new cancer treatment techniques and antibacterial coatings Troy, N.Y. – Researchers at... Read More

Soil Passage Drinking Water Purification

Soil passage of surface water for drinking water production is effective enough in the removal of viruses. This is one of... Read More

Phobia lists

Phobia A phobia is an irrational, persistent fear of certain situations, objects, activities, or persons. The main symptom... Read More

Vitamins – Uses – Deficiency Problems – Sources

  Fat soluble vitamins Chemical name / other names Main Source(s) Functions /... Read More

University Of Chicago Researchers Uncover First Steps In Cell-Cell Adhesion Process

For the first time, researchers at the University of Chicago describe in detail how neighboring skin cells adhere to one... Read More

Wealth Of Nations Depends On Jack Frost, Research Finds

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. Why do the rich get richer and the poor stay poor?When it comes to nations, the answers may include... Read More

Small Molecule Interactions Were Central To The Origin Of Life

Mars Rock Cool Enough to Transport Life to Earth By Robert Roy Britt In a discovery that has scientists rethinking where... Read More


The act of sowing (of seeds in the ground or, figuratively, of germs in the body or ideas in the mind, etc.).The... Read More