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Glance 1. A sudden flash of light or splendor. Swift as the lightning glance. (Milton) 2. A quick cast of the eyes; a quick... Read More

Bioenergetics at a Glance: An Illustrated Introduction (At a Glance Series)

Bioenergetics at a Glance: An Illustrated Introduction (At a Glance Series)  ... Read More


Lightning 1. A discharge of atmospheric electricity, accompanied by a vivid flash of light, commonly from one cloud to... Read More

Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy (2nd Edition)

 Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy (2nd Edition)      ... Read More

Kingston Computing Expert Charts Amputees’ Rehabilitation

New Kingston University research could reduce the recovery time for lower limb amputees by helping health professionals... Read More


Polymorphism Definition The occurrence of two or more different forms or morphs in the population of a species is referred... Read More


Anthracite a hard, compact variety of mineral coal, of high luster, differing from bituminous coal in containing little or... Read More


Ganglia Definition What are ganglia? To simply define ganglia in biology, it is the structure of an oval shape that... Read More


Blank 1. Of a white or pale colour; without colour. To the blank moon Her office they prescribed. (Milton) 2. Free from... Read More


score 1. A notch or incision; especially, one that is made as a tally mark; hence, a mark, or line, made for the purpose of... Read More


stone 1. To pelt, beat, or kill with stones. And they stoned Stephen, calling upon god, and saying, lord Jesus, receive my... Read More


Lead 1. To guide or conduct with the hand, or by means of some physical contact connection; as, a father leads a child; a... Read More


Aspect 1. The act of looking; vision; gaze; glance. The basilisk killeth by aspect. His aspect was bent on the ground. (Sir... Read More

Inactive Genes May Contribute To Failure Of Animals Cloned From Adult Cells, Study Finds

March 20, 2003 — CAMBRIDGE, MA – Only 1 percent to 3 percent of animals cloned from adult cells survive to birth; many... Read More

While Focusing on Heart Disease Interventions, Researchers Discover New Tactic Against Fatal Muscular Dystrophy

NEW YORK (Feb. 8, 2009) – Based on a striking similarity between heart disease and Duchenne muscular dystrophy,... Read More


The ahool is a flying cryptid, supposedly a giant bat, or by other accounts, a living pterosaur or flying primate. Such a... Read More

How Global Is The Global Biodiversity Information Facility?

Biologists and computer scientists have appealed for more information on the world's biodiversity to be stored digitally so... Read More

Origins of Life by F. Dyson

Origins of Life (CANTO)    AUTHOR:  ... Read More

Brain cell growth diminishes long before old age strikes, animal study shows

Even early in adulthood, aging begins to slow the mind's growth -- but it does not have to stop it altogether, suggests a... Read More

Scientists compare 12 fruit fly genomes

Fly consortium uncovers swarm of novel findings about genomic evolution, function An international research consortium of... Read More

Evidence for Intelligent Design from Biochemistry

From a speech delivered at Discovery Institute's God & Culture Conference Michael J. Behe Discovery Institute August... Read More

Scientist finds best way to measure soil fertility is – in a Mason jar

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — In a world of technological advancements, a simple wide-mouthed, one-pint Mason jar is the foundation... Read More

Why are there only two sexes?

Why are there only two sexes? Why is the mating game almost always a dance of two, whether the scene is a swank Manhattan... Read More

Physical beauty involves more than good looks

MADISON, Wis. -- There is more to beauty than meets the stranger's eye, according to results from three studies examining... Read More

Mathematical Modeling: Epidemiology Meets Systems Biology

Editorial Mathematical Modeling: Epidemiology Meets Systems Biology Cornelia M. Ulrich, H. Frederik Nijhout and Michael C.... Read More

Tiny Tampa Bay Fish Key To Evolution Of Immune System

Tiny Tampa Bay Fish Key To Evolution Of Immune System Armed at first with nothing more than boots, a screen and a bucket,... Read More

How Long Is A Day On Saturn?

Measuring the rotation period of a rocky planet like the Earth is easy, but similar measurements for planets made of gas,... Read More

Expanding protein universe and its origin from the biological Big Bang

Abstract The bottom-up approach to understanding the evolution of organisms is by studying molecular evolution. With the... Read More

Boron: “Deficiency symptoms may be more common than you thought”

By Ben Funnekotter Grower Solutions Magazine Lefroy Valley Magazine August 2004    Boron... Read More

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, 2nd edition

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, 2nd edition      ... Read More