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Graafian follicles

Graafian follicle (Science: gynaecology) Final stage in the differentiation of follicles in the mammalian ovary. Consists of... Read More


Graafian (Science: anatomy) Pertaining to, or discovered by, Regnier de Graaf, a dutch physician. Graafian follicles or... Read More

Human Reproduction

Terminology and Concepts Primary reproductive organs are called gonads - testes in the male and ovaries in the female.... Read More

Graaf regnier de

Graaf, Regnier de (Science: person) B. Schoonhaven, Holland, july 30th , 1641. Was a student of Francis de la Boe Sylvius... Read More

Gametokinetic hormone

Gametokinetic hormone --> follitropin An acidic glycoprotein hormone of the anterior pituitary that stimulates the graafian... Read More

Blood spots

Blood spots haemorrhagic graafian follicles seen in ovaries of mice, caused by injection of urine of pregnant women; a... Read More