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Definition noun A yellow-brown pigment that contains and stores iron Supplement Word origin: Greek haima + sidero... Read More


Haemofuscin a brown pigment derived from haemoglobin that occurs in urine occasionally along with haemosiderin, usually... Read More

Ferruginous bodies

Ferruginous bodies in the lungs, foreign inorganic or organic fibres coated by complexes of haemosiderin and glycoproteins,... Read More

Perls test

Perls' test A test for haemosiderin, utilizing perls' Prussian blue... Read More

Heart failure cells

Heart failure cells macrophages in the lung during left heart failure that often carry large amounts of haemosiderin. See:... Read More

Pulmonary haemosiderosis

pulmonary haemosiderosis haemosiderosis usually associated with mitral stenosis and marked by an accumulation of macrophages... Read More

Brown tumour

Brown tumour a mass of fibrous tissue containing haemosiderin-pigmented macrophages and multinucleated giant cells,... Read More

Puchtler-sweat stains

Puchtler-Sweat stains See: puchtler-Sweat stain for basement membranes, Puchtler-Sweat stain for haemoglobin and... Read More

Pseudoxanthoma cell

pseudoxanthoma cell (Science: cell biology) Relatively large phagocytic cell's (macrophages) that contain numerous small... Read More

Localised nodular tenosynovitis

Localised nodular tenosynovitis --> giant cell tumour of tendon sheath a nodule, possibly inflammatory in nature, arising... Read More


Definition noun A yellow-brown pigment containing iron, derived mainly from hemoglobin and produced through... Read More