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Man’s best friend lends insight into human evolution

Flexibly drawing inferences about the intentions of other individuals in order to cooperate in complex tasks is a basic... Read More


In ecology, predation is a mechanism of population control. Thus, when the number of predators is scarce the number of... Read More


pricking 1. The act of piercing or puncturing with a sharp point. There is that speaketh like the prickings of a sword. 2.... Read More

As Many As 30 Percent Of Travelers Don’t Wash Hands After Using Public Restrooms At Airports

CHICAGO - September 15, 2003 - Does it take an outbreak of a frightening, potentially fatal infectious disease like severe... Read More

Study of domesticated foxes reveals changes in gene expression as a basis for tame behavior

By comparing foxes selected for tameness with others that have not been selected in this way, researchers have found... Read More

Human-Like Altruism Shown In Chimpanzees

June 25, 2007 — Experimental evidence reveals that chimpanzees will help other unrelated humans and conspecifics without... Read More


verb 1. To turn completely or repeatedly; to become coiled about anything; to assume a convolved or spiral form; as, vines... Read More


prick 1. To be punctured; to suffer or feel a sharp pain, as by puncture; as, a sore finger pricks. 2. To spur onward; to... Read More


Lettuce (Science: botany) a composite plant of the genus Lactuca (L. Sativa), the leaves of which are used as salad. Plants... Read More


Amphibious 1. Having the ability to live both on land and in water, as frogs, crocodiles, beavers, and some plants. 2.... Read More


Grub 1. To dig; to dig up by the roots; to root out by digging; followed by up; as, to grub up trees, rushes, or sedge. They... Read More


puss 1. A cat; a fondling appellation. 2. A hare; so called by sportsmen. Puss in the corner, a game in which all the... Read More

Patau syndrome

Definition noun A genetic disorder caused by genetic changes in chromosome 13, such as an extra copy of chromosome 13... Read More

Biosecurity and Biocontrol

By: Maria Victoria Gonzaga In the previous lesson, we learned about the importance of modern science... Read More