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Homeotic gene

Definition noun, plural: homeotic genes A developmental gene that specifies the anterior-posterior axis, as well as segment... Read More

Zygotic-effect gene

Definition noun, plural: zygotic-effect genes (1) Any of the genes expressed in the early embryo. (2) Any of the genes... Read More


Definition noun, plural: homeoboxes DNA sequence (of about 180 base pairs) contained in a gene (e.g. hox gene), and code... Read More

Zygotic gene

Definition noun, plural: zygotic genes Any of the developmental genes transcribed from the DNA of the zygote. Supplement In... Read More

Hox gene

Definition noun, plural: Hox genes Any of the developmental control genes involved in establishing the anterior-posterior... Read More

Homeotic selector gene

Definition noun Any of the zygotic genes expressed subsequently after segmentation genes, and whose function specifies the... Read More


Mutation is a permanent, heritable change in the nucleotide sequence or the process by which such a change occurs in a gene... Read More


Definition noun A homeotic gene first described in Drosophila that controls the development of the third thoracic segment... Read More


Definition noun The formation of a normal structure or organ in place of another at an abnormal site, as caused by the... Read More

Homeotic mutation

Definition noun, plural: homeotic mutations A mutation in homeobox genes resulting in homeotic transformation in... Read More


Definition noun A hox gene first described in Drosophila, which is responsible for the formation and differentiation of the... Read More