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Hydroid (Science: zoology) related to, or resembling, the hydra; of or pertaining to the hydroidea. One of the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: periderms (botany) An outer covering that replaces the epidermis of certain plants (embryology)... Read More


Gonotheca Origin: NL, fr. Gr. Offspring - box. (Science: zoology) a capsule developed on certain hydroids (Thecaphora),... Read More


Hydroidea (Science: zoology) An extensive order of hydrozoa or acalephae. alternative forms: Hydroida. this order includes... Read More


Blastostyle (Science: zoology) in certain hydroids, an imperfect zooid, whose special function is to produce medusoid buds.... Read More


theca Origin: L, fr. Gr. A case to put anything in. See Tick a cover. 1. A sheath; a case; as, the theca, or cell, of an... Read More


Definition adjective Medusa-like; resembling medusa in appearance Supplement The term medusoid can be used to refer to... Read More