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Hydrostatic pressure

Definition noun The pressure exerted or transmitted by the fluid (e.g. water) at rest. Supplement Hydrostatic pressure... Read More

Turgor pressure

In biology, turgor pressure definition pertains to the pressure that is exerted by the fluid (e.g. water) against the cell... Read More


Turgidity is the state of being turgid or swollen, especially due to high fluid content. In general context, turgidity... Read More


Definition noun (1) The act, process, or condition of transuding, i.e. the oozing or passing gradually of a liquid possibly... Read More

Osmotic pressure

Definition noun A hydrostatic pressure caused by a difference in the amounts of solutes between solutions that are... Read More


Flaccid Definition Biology – What is Flaccid? In botany, the term flaccid refers to a cell that lacks turgidity, i.e. it... Read More


Definition noun, plural: transudates A fluid passing through a mebrane, a pore, or an interstice, and accumulating in... Read More

Video cameras reveal seals, whales, and other marine mammals take a laid-back approach to deep diving

SANTA CRUZ, CA--For years scientists have puzzled over the ability of dolphins, seals, and other marine mammals to perform... Read More


Definition noun (1) A high pressure filtration through a semipermeable membrane in which colloidal particles are retained... Read More

Pulmonary hypostasis

pulmonary hypostasis hydrostatic congestion of the... Read More

Starlings hypothesis

Starling's hypothesis The principle that net filtration through capillary membranes is proportional to the transmembrane... Read More


Definition noun, plural: vacuoles (cell biology) A membrane-bound vesicle found in the cytoplasm of a cell whose function... Read More


Definition noun, plural: filtrations (1) The movement of water and solutes across the cell membrane due to hydrostatic... Read More


microinjection The insertion of a substance into a cell through a microelectrode. Typical applications include the injection... Read More


Definition noun (1) The act, process, or condition of exuding, i.e. the oozing or passing gradually of fluid or semifluid... Read More

Cell membrane

Definition noun plural: cell membranes ˈmembɹeɪn The cell’s outer membrane made up of a two layers of phospholipids... Read More