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Imagery (Science: psychology) a cognitive-behavioural strategy that uses mental images produced by the imagination as a form... Read More

Liquid water on Saturn moon could support life

Liquid water on Saturn moon could support life Cassini spacecraft sees signs of geysers on icy Enceladus An... Read More

Stress And Alcohol Cues Appear To Target The Brain Differently To Produce Craving

"Alcohol cues" are reminders of drinking. Researchers already know that both stress and alcohol cues can produce... Read More

Largest Arctic Ice Shelf Breaks Up, Draining Freshwater Lake

WASHINGTON - The largest ice shelf in the Arctic has broken, and scientists who have studied it closely say it is evidence... Read More

Conceptual Physics (10th Edition)

Conceptual Physics (10th Edition)      ... Read More

Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe by P. Ward & D. Brownlee

Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe      ... Read More

UCLA Scientists, Colleagues Substantiate Biological Origin Of Earliest Fossils

UCLA paleobiologist J. William Schopf and colleagues have substantiated the biological origin of the earliest known... Read More


Definition adjective (1) Of, pertaining to, or relating to motility; capable of moving or self-propelling. (2) Of,... Read More


Genius Origin: L. Genius, prop, the superior or divine nature which is innate in everything, the spirit, the tutelar deity... Read More

Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Allen Telescope Array Begins Scientific Observations

The Allen Telescope Array. (Credit: Image courtesy of SETI Institute) (Click image to... Read More

Memory Experts Show Sleeping Rats May Have Visual Dreams

Memories of our life stories may be reinforced while we sleep, MIT researchers report Dec. 17 in the advance online edition... Read More

NIST Math Technique Opens Clearer Window on Universe

New Math Technique Opens Clearer Window On Universe A fast, efficient image enhancement technique developed at the National... Read More

Elephants In Space

NEW YORK (Nov. 17, 2004) -- Scientists with the Bronx Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) have recently been... Read More

Folk Remedies Widely Used by Older Adults in North Carolina

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A survey of older adults in rural North Carolina shows that they widely use complementary medicine... Read More

Global Wetlands Surveyed From Space

Dotted across varied regions of our planet are the waterlogged landscapes known as wetlands. Often inaccessible, these... Read More

Death of a star

SCIENTISTS WATCH SUPERNOVA IN REAL-TIME For the first time a star has been observed in real-time as it goes supernova a... Read More

NASA satellite data to aid global conservation

NASA and IUCN - The World Conservation Union, the world's largest environmental knowledge network, signed a joint... Read More

NASA Helps Forecast Reptile Distributions In Madagascar

NASA supported biologists developed a modeling approach that uses satellite data and specimen locality data from museum... Read More

NASA Unveils New "Natural Hazards" Web Site

NASA has unveiled a new Web site in which it publishes satellite images in near real time over natural hazards around the... Read More

Virtual Reality Can Improve Memory — Perhaps Too Much

Conventional wisdom tells us that experience is the best teacher. But a new study of virtual marketing strategies finds... Read More

Africa’s Lake Chad Shrinks By 20 Times Due To Irrigation Demands, Climate Change

In the 1960s, North central Africa's Lake Chad was larger than the state of Vermont but is now smaller than Rhode Island.... Read More

Studying Coastal Eddies: Restaurants And Nurseries Of The Sea

Two NASA oceanographers have found and described numerous coastal ocean eddies off the southern California coast that are... Read More

Researcher Show How False Memories Are Formed

False memories are the controversial subject of hotly contested arguments about the validity of repressed memories that can... Read More


Biome Definition What are biomes? There is no universal definition of biomes. But biome definition in biology of different... Read More