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Vocal cords deserve the applause

The vocal cords are twin folds of throat muscle stretched horizontally across the voice box, or larynx. When breathing, air... Read More

An impossible coexistence: Transgenic and organic agriculture

First field study in Europe carried out by a researcher from the UAB Institute of Environmental Science and... Read More

Your brain and hormones may conspire to make you fat

Why do some people get fat even when they eat relatively little? What creates that irresistible urge for a bag of potato... Read More

Chemists Create Class Of Carbenes Used To Make Catalysts

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have successfully created in the laboratory a class of carbenes,... Read More

The science of lost sleep in teens

Studies by Brown, Lifespan scientists are at cutting edge of sleep research Providence, RI -- A new poll of teenagers... Read More

Old-Growth Forest Degradation: The Not-So-Slow Depletion of a Natural Resource

by Cheri Bermudez September 2007 Opening Thoughts As Earth’s population increases the amount of livable space... Read More

The making and breaking of microtubules

How a nucleotide controls the flexibility of tubulin BERKELEY, CA -- Microtubules are active protein polymers critical to... Read More

The Myth of Secular Neutrality: Unbiased Bioethics?

by Sarah J. Flashing The media spotlight on the Terri Schiavo case brought the world’s attention to important matters... Read More

New bird flu drug promises to beat the problem of resistance

A new kind of drug to fight bird flu that will not suffer from the same kind of resistance problems as current treatments... Read More

Structure of protein collagen seen at unprecedented level of detail

The structure and behavior of one of the most common proteins in our bodies has been resolved at a level of detail never... Read More

Giant frog jumps continents

A giant frog fossil from Madagascar dubbed Beelzebufo or 'the frog from Hell' has been identified by scientists from... Read More

Big Fossil ‘Raptor’ Tracks Show Group Behavior

Everyone knows that “raptor” dinosaurs walked with their deadly sickle-shaped foot claws held off the ground and that... Read More

Drunken Elephants: The Marula Fruit Myth

Dispelling years of anecdotes in travelogues, the popular press, and scholarly works, biologists from the University of... Read More

The impact of elbow and knee joint lesions on abnormal gait and posture of sows

Rikke K Kirk, Bente Jørgensen and Henrik E Jensen Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 2008, 50:5. This is an Open Access... Read More

Lighting the Way: Measuring Surface Tension Just Got Easier

Inventors at Oxford University have developed a new method to indirectly measure the surface tension of liquid by tracking... Read More

Deciphering The Mystery Of Bee Flight

One of the most elusive questions in science has finally been answered: How do bees fly? Although the issue is not as... Read More

Burrowing mammals dig for a living, but how do they do that?

Next time you see a mole digging in tree-root-filled soil in search of supper, take a moment to ponder the mammal's humerus... Read More

Slowly-developing primates definitely not dim-witted

DURHAM, N.C. -- Some primates have evolved big brains because their extra brainpower helps them live and reproduce longer,... Read More

Flu shot does not reduce risk of death

The widely-held perception that the influenza vaccination reduces overall mortality risk in the elderly does not... Read More

New Gene Selection Method Helps To Achieve Improved Data Quality

Current microarray experiments allow the levels of activity of thousands of genes to be measured at once, providing a window... Read More

Acupuncture – no longer a pain in the neck

A study by a team of researchers at the University of Southampton has revealed that Western style acupuncture can be... Read More

Complementary and alternative therapies: who uses them and why, their potential and their dangers

Hamburg, Germany: The use of complementary and alternative therapies (CAMs) is widespread amongst cancer patients, and their... Read More

Recent developments in the mathematical theory of water waves

Recent developments in the mathematical theory of water waves (Royal Society Philosophical Transactions A) The last decade... Read More

Max-Planck Researchers Unravel The Structure Of The Methane Forming Enzyme

Max-Planck researchers unravel the structure of the methane forming enzyme A team of the Max-Planck Institutes from... Read More

Intra-annual radial growth and water relations of trees: implications towards a growth mechanism

RESEARCH PAPER Intra-annual radial growth and water relations of trees: implications towards a growth mechanism Roman... Read More

Opportunities in Healthcare & Nursing – Online

Right now, more than 2 ½ million students are enrolled in online courses of every variety—from college degrees to... Read More

Richness of Marine Life is Under Threat

Future potential for the production of new wonder drugs - including anti-cancer agents - from marine animals and plants,... Read More

Regional warming-induced species shift in NW Mediterranean marine caves

The north-western Mediterranean Sea has a high biodiversity reflecting a mixture of temperate and subtropical species. But... Read More

Project to document ethical issues in asylum seeker treatment

A new project at Monash University is documenting the significant ethical dilemmas faced by medical and other health care... Read More

Smithsonian scientists help lead effort to ‘barcode’ world’s species

Smithsonian researchers are among the leaders in a worldwide effort to revolutionize the way scientists identify species in... Read More

Mathematicians get a handle on centuries old shape

It has been almost 230 years since French general and mathematician Jean Meusnier's study of soap films - the same kind... Read More

Good information? It’s not all about the brain

Good information? It's not all about the brain An Indiana University neuroscientist and University of Tokyo roboticist have... Read More

Nano-sized voltmeter measures electric fields deep within cells

A wireless, nano-scale voltmeter developed at the University of Michigan is overturning conventional wisdom about the... Read More

New chimeric mouse model for human liver diseases, drug testing

Cells cultured in the lab are like a fish out of water. Often, their behavior does not reflect their biological function... Read More

Trauma treatment from the sea

Ever since Nimrod first routed his enemies on the field of battle, soldiers have dealt with bleeding and blood loss in the... Read More

Whole-Plant Growth Stage Ontology for Angiosperms and Its Application in Plant Biology

Whole-Plant Growth Stage Ontology for Angiosperms and Its Application in Plant Biology1,[OA] Anuradha Pujar2, Pankaj... Read More

Picking particles faster than one at a time

A new algorithm automatically and dependably selects images of molecules for 'crystallization in silico'BERKELEY, CA –... Read More

Plan for Amazonian jungle medicines is threatened

Claire Wallerstein, Caracas   Ethnic and political arguments have paralysed an ambitious scheme to make an inventory of... Read More

How left-handed amino acids got ahead: a demonstration of the evolution of biological homochirality in the lab

A chemical reaction that demonstrates how key molecules in the biological world might have come to be predominately left or... Read More