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Incident light

Incident light (Science: microscopy) Sometimes denotes any over-stage lighting not included by methods of vertical... Read More


Achromatic (Science: microscopy) Literally, colour-free. A lens or prism is said to be achromatic when corrected for two... Read More


white 1. Reflecting to the eye all the rays of the spectrum combined; not tinted with any of the proper colours or their... Read More

Resonance energy transfer

resonance energy transfer --> fluorescence energy transfer (Science: technique) transfer of energy from one fluorochrome... Read More

Sense Organs in Insects

By Sachin Chorge Article submitted on January 2008 Article accepted on February 2008   Senses are the... Read More

Reflected ray

Reflected ray A ray of light or other form of radiant energy which is thrown back from a nonpermeable or nonabsorbing... Read More