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Inferior margin

Inferior margin --> inferior border The caudal or lowermost margin of a structure. Synonym: inferior margin, margo... Read More

Iliopubic tract

Iliopubic tract Thickened inferior margin of the transversalis fascia seen as a fibrous band running parallel and posterior... Read More

Falciform margin

Falciform margin The sharply curved, free margin of the saphenous opening in the fascia lata; medially, it ends in a... Read More

Inferior thalamic peduncle

Inferior thalamic peduncle a large fibre bundle emerging from the anterior part of the thalamus in the ventral direction, in... Read More

Incisura acetabuli

Incisura acetabuli --> acetabular notch a gap in the inferior the margin of the acetabulum. Synonym: incisura acetabuli,... Read More