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Interfere 1. To come in collision; to be in opposition; to clash; as, interfering claims, or commands. 2. To enter into, or... Read More


Interpose 1. To be or come between. Long hid by interposing hill or wood. (Cowper) 2. To step in between parties at... Read More


Eubacteria are prokaryotic microorganisms consisting of a single cell lacking a nucleus and containing DNA is a single... Read More


Masking 1. The use of noise of any kind to interfere with the audibility of another sound. For any given intensity, low... Read More


Definition noun, plural: vanadates (chemistry) (1) Any salt or ester of vanadic acid. (2) Any of the corresponding anions,... Read More


wilt (Science: botany) A plant disease in which bacteria invade the vessels of herbaceous plants, interfere with movement of... Read More


Diffraction When a wave train passes an obstacle secondary waves are set up that interfere with the primary wave and give... Read More


neurotoxins toxic substances from microorganisms, plants or animals that interfere with the functions of the nervous system.... Read More

Agonist muscle

Definition noun A muscle that contracts while another muscle relaxes Supplement Muscles may be classified according to the... Read More


Upon seed germination, the embryo root, called the radicle, grows and develops into the first root. The radicle may thicken... Read More

First Video Proof That Could Explain Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Bacteria

Amidst the battle for supremacy, our army of immune cells relentlessly wages war against various pathogens, especially... Read More