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‘Killer kangaroo’ evidence found

Palaeontologists digging in northern Australia have found fossil evidence of several new species - including a "killer... Read More

Why do rodents’ teeth stay sharp? What is the difference between the mouse and the kangaroo?

Answers to these two questions are given by two recent studies on tooth development and evolution. Scientists at the... Read More

Animal Water Regulation

Homeostatic control, a set environment, and how evolution and natural selection drives a species to adapt to its environment... Read More

Adaptation Tutorial

Previous sections have indicated the importance of homeostatic control, the requirement of a set environment and how... Read More

Rare example of Darwinism seen in action

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- A research team, including UC Riverside biologists, has found experimental evidence that supports a... Read More

Burrowing mammals dig for a living, but how do they do that?

Next time you see a mole digging in tree-root-filled soil in search of supper, take a moment to ponder the mammal's humerus... Read More


Indigenous native, originating or occurring naturally in the place specified. Originating where it is found; the... Read More


Originating where it is found; the autochthonal fauna of australia includes the kangaroo; autochthonous rocks and people and... Read More

Metabolic Water

Definition noun The water produced as an end product of the oxidation of energy-containing molecules such as carbohydrates,... Read More