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Langerhans cell

Definition noun, plural: Langerhans cells An antigen-presenting (dendritic) cell characterized by the presence of Birbeck... Read More

Islets of Langerhans

Definition noun The endocrine region of the pancreas, i.e. pancreatic cells that produce hormones, mainly glucagon and... Read More

Langerhans cell histiocytosis

Definition noun A rare type of histiocytosis involving the Langerhans cells that proliferate in excessive number and... Read More

Langerhans paul

Langerhans, Paul (Science: person) B. Berlin, july 25th, 1847. Was a physician and an anatomist and became professor of... Read More


Langerhans --> islets Of Langerhans (Science: anatomy) groups of cells found within the pancreas: a cells and B-cells... Read More

Islets of langerhans transplantation

Islets of langerhans transplantation The transference of pancreatic islets within an individual, between individuals of the... Read More

An introduction to Homeostasis

Researched and Written by Jonjo Minns Submitted to biologyonline.com on February 25, 2009. Published in biologyonline.com... Read More

Islets Of Langerhans

Cell clusters in the pancreas that form the endocrine part of that organ; secrete insulin and other hormones.Cells found in... Read More

Islands Of Langerhans

Cell clusters in the pancreas that form the endocrine part of that organ; secrete insulin and other... Read More

Isles Of Langerhans

Cell clusters in the pancreas that form the endocrine part of that organ; secrete insulin and other... Read More

Photochemistry and photobiology of actinic erythema: defensive and reparative cutaneous mechanisms

Photochemistry and photobiology of actinic erythema: defensive and reparative cutaneous mechanisms A.C. Tedesco1, L.... Read More

Birbecks granule

Birbecks granule --> langerhans granule a small tennis racket-shaped membrane-bound granule with characteristic... Read More

Stratum germinativum

Definition noun The innermost layer of the epidermis comprised of keratinocyes capable of proliferating by mitosis,... Read More

Edmonton Protocol – Possible cure for Type 1 Diabetes patients

Abstract The Edmonton Protocol is only capable of treating patients with Type 1 Diabetes since they lack the appropriate... Read More


Definition noun A polypeptide hormone secreted by the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas to regulate the... Read More

Hg factor

Hg factor --> glucagon a polypeptide hormone (3485 D) secreted by the cells of the islets Of Langerhans in response to a... Read More

Pancreatic juice

Definition noun The transparent fluid secreted by the pancreas composed mainly of water, electrolytes, and... Read More


Definition noun The glial cells that function as resident macrophages of the brain and the spinal cord Supplement The... Read More

Brockmann body

Definition noun (ichthyology) An aggregation of islet tissues in some teleost fish Supplement The large aggregation of islet... Read More

Mononuclear phagocyte system

Definition noun A system of cells located in reticular connective tissue, and are associated primarily with phagocytosis and... Read More

Fibroblast growth factor 4

Definition noun A protein involved in the regulation of embryonic growth, cell differentiation and cell proliferation needed... Read More

Zika virus

Definition noun, plural: Zika viruses A virus belonging to the genus Flavivirus that causes Zika disease in humans, and is... Read More

Cyclin-dependent kinase 6

Definition noun A protein involved in the initiation and maintenance of cell cycle during cell differentiation that prevents... Read More


Definition noun An illness caused by Zika virus, which is spread by a bite (i.e.Aedes species) of a mosquito harboring the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: keratinocytes The predominant type of cell in the epidermal layer of the skin Supplement The skin... Read More

Stratum spinosum

Definition noun The thin layer of the epidermis between stratum basale and stratum granulosum, and comprised of... Read More


Definition noun, plural: osteoclasts (cytology) A type of bone cell that is large, multinucleated, and associated with bone... Read More

A new molecular culprit for type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Therapies for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and type II diabetes should be directed toward a new molecular culprit — the... Read More

Pancreatic hormones

pancreatic hormones peptide hormones secreted into the blood by cells in the islets of langerhans of the pancreas. The alpha... Read More

C chain

C chain --> c-peptide (Science: protein) c-peptide is a byproduct of normal insulin production by the beta cells in the... Read More

The stem cells that weren’t there

Diabetes researchers, investigating how the body supplies itself with insulin, discovered to their surprise that adult stem... Read More

Bensleys specific granules

Bensleys specific granules granules in the cells of the islands Of Langerhans in the... Read More

Hand-schueller-christian syndrome

Hand-schueller-christian syndrome (Science: syndrome) disseminated, chronic form of langerhans-cell histiocytosis. It may... Read More

Islet cell

Islet cell (Science: pathology) cells of the islets Of Langerhans within the pancreas. See: a cells, B-cells, d... Read More

Islet cell adenoma

Islet cell adenoma (Science: tumour) a benign neoplasm of the pancreas composed of tissue similar in structure to that of... Read More

Veiled cell

veiled cell A cell type found in afferent lymph and defined (rather unsatisfactorily) on the basis of its morphology.... Read More


Cd1 (Science: immunology) glycoproteins expressed on cortical thymocytes and on some dendritic cells and B-cells. Their... Read More

Acinar cells

acinar cell Any secreting cell lining an acinus, especially applied to the cells of the pancreas that furnish pancreatic... Read More


Liberase (Science: enzyme) Purified enzyme blend of collagenase isoforms i and II from clostridium histoliticum and... Read More


Definition noun, plural: pancreases or pancreata A tongue-shaped glandular structure involved in the secretion of fluid... Read More