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Immune response modulation by curcumin in a latex allergy model

Immune response modulation by curcumin in a latex allergy model Viswanath P Kurup1 ,2 ,3, Christy S Barrios1, Raghavan... Read More


Latex a viscous fluid exuded from the cut surfaces of the leaves and stems of certain plants, such as the dandelion or the... Read More

Passive agglutination

Definition noun An agglutination reaction of inert particles coated with soluble antigen through an antiserum specific for... Read More


milk 1. (Science: physiology) A white fluid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals for the nourishment of their... Read More

‘Hobbit’ Fossil Likely Represents New Branch On Human Family Tree

  Right frontal view with red brain cast of LB1 encased in transparent image of LB1's skull. (Photo courtesy of... Read More


vital 1. Belonging or relating to life, either animal or vegetable; as, vital energies; vital functions; vital actions. 2.... Read More


'Asteraceae'', composite family. A single family enclosed in order Asterales in subclass Asteridae. The other name -... Read More


Definition noun, plural: fixations (biological technique) The use of a fixative to preserve histological, cytological, or... Read More


Definition noun A pan-tropical genus of trees, shrubs, or vines belonging to the taxonomic family... Read More

Marathon Of Nano-Sprinters

Processive bio-molecular motors, which move actively along cytoskeletal filaments, drive the cargo traffic in cells and in... Read More

First broad spectrum anti-microbial paint to kill superbugs

Scientists in South Dakota are reporting development of the first broad-spectrum antimicrobial paint, a material that can... Read More

Students work hand in glove for business success

A large number of disposable gloves used in surgery are punctured or damaged during operations, bringing a high risk of... Read More

Anatomical variability of the superior cerebellar artery medial and lateral branches

MANDIOLA, E., DEL SOL, M., SANZ, M. E. et al.  Abstract : The anatomical characteristics of the superior cerebellar artery... Read More


Definition noun, plural: exudates A fluid containing solutes, proteins, cells, or cellular debris discharged into nearby... Read More

Diameters of the superior cerebellar and anterior-inferior arteries in the anterior-potine segment

MANDIOLA, E., SANZ, M. E., GABRIELLI, C. et al.  Abstract: At present, the clinical specialized literature, insist in the... Read More


Adhesive 1. Sticky; tenacious, as glutinous substances that cause the adherence of two surfaces. They include glues... Read More

Biometric study on the deep palmar branch of the ulnar artery

OLAVE, E., GABRIELLI, C., DEL SOL, M. et al. Numerous studies on the hand arterial supply have contributed important data... Read More

Direct agglutination

Definition noun (1) An agglutination (macroscopic clumping) caused by one antibody. (2) A serological technique in which... Read More

New, more direct pathways from outside the cell-to-cell nuclei discovered

A team of Brooklyn College researchers has shattered a long-held belief that no direct pathway exists between material... Read More

Reverse passive agglutination

Definition noun A type of agglutination reaction in which known antibody is bound to a carrier particle instead of the... Read More

Ficus benghalensis

Definition noun (botany) A fig species of the family Moraceae that is native to the Indian Subcontinent and colloquially... Read More


Definition noun (botany) A plant species of the genus Ficus of the family Moraceae, and is endemic in the... Read More