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Law of Segregation

Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance The father of genetics, Gregor Mendel, reported his findings in 1860 that was initially... Read More

Law of Independent Assortment

Law of Independent Assortment Definition The Mendelian inheritance principles are derived from and named after the monk,... Read More

Law of Independent Assortment

Law of Independent Assortment Definition noun (genetics) Mendelian law stating that for every pair of unit factors, each... Read More

Law of Purity of Gametes

Definition noun (genetics) Gregor Mendel's law stating that the unit factors are brought together and paired during union or... Read More

Law of Unit Characters

Definition noun (genetics) A Mendelian law which states that every genetic character of an organism is controlled by unit... Read More

Beer-Lambert law

Definition noun The principal law in spectrometry in which it states that the absorbance at a given wavelength of light is... Read More

Law of Dominance

Definition noun (genetics) Gregor Mendel's law stating that when two alleles of an inherited pair is heterozygous, then,... Read More

Mendel’s laws: definitions

Genetics - a branch of biology that deals with the study of heredity and variationsVariations - differences amongst the... Read More

Law of regression to mean

Law of regression to mean --> Galton's law in a population mating at random, the progeny of a parent with an extreme... Read More

Webers law

Weber's law --> Weber-Fechner law The intensity of a sensation varies by a series of equal increments (arithmetically) as... Read More

Mendels Law of Heredity

Definition noun A set of generalizations based on Gregor Mendel's published scientific works that attempts to explain... Read More

Starlings law

Definition noun Starling’s law states that the force of contraction depends on the length of muscle fibers of the heart... Read More

Mendels second law

Mendels second law --> law of independent assortment As meiosis ends, genes on a pair of homologous chromosomes have been... Read More

Limiting factor

Limiting factor in biology refers to any of the factors (variables) in an environment capable of limiting a process, such as... Read More


Definition noun, plural: laws (general) A set of norms, which can be observed in both sociological and philosophical or... Read More

Law of similars

Law of similars --> similia similibus curantur The homeopathic formula expressing the law of similars, the doctrine that... Read More

Wilders law

Wilder's law of initial value The direction of response of a body function to any agent depends to a large degree on the... Read More

Boyles law

Boyles law this law states that the volume of a sample of gas is, at a constant temperature, inversely proportional to the... Read More

Daltons law

Daltons law Each gas in a mixture of gases exerts a pressure proportionate to the percentage of the gas and independent of... Read More

Shelfords Law of Tolerance

Definition noun It is a law stating that a certain organism’s survival and existence depend upon the multifaceted set of... Read More

Law of recapitulation

Definition noun The theory formulated by E.H. Haeckel in which the individuals in their embryonic development pass through... Read More

Law of contiguity

Law of contiguity When two ideas or psychologically perceived events have once occurred in close association they are likely... Read More

Hookes law

Hookes law The stress applied to stretch or compress a body is proportional to the strain, or change in length thus... Read More

Mendels laws

Mendel's laws (Science: genetics) The two basic principles of genetics proposed by gregor Mendel. The law of segregation,... Read More

Biogenetic law

Definition noun (1) The principle stating that life arises from pre-existing life, not from non-living material. (2)... Read More

Courvoisiers law

Courvoisiers law This states that: in the presence of (obstructive)jaundice, if the gall Bladder is palpable, then the... Read More


A law stating that stimuli either produce a reaction or no reaction at all in particular circumstances, no matter how much... Read More

Law of the minimum

Law of the minimum growth and development of plants and animals are determined by the availability of that essential... Read More

Vant hoffs law

van't Hoff's law In stereochemistry, all optically active substances have one or more multivalent atoms united to four... Read More

Nasses law

Nasse's law An early statement of the pattern of x-linked recessive inheritance: haemophilia affects only boys but is... Read More

Mareys law

Mareys law The pulse Rate varies inversely with the blood pressure; i.e., the pulse is slow when the pressure is high; an... Read More

Law of biogenesis

Definition noun (1) The principle stating that life arises from pre-existing life, not from nonliving material. (2)... Read More

Law of specific nerve energies

<a href="https://www.biologyonline.com/dictionary/law-of-specific">nerve energies --> Muller's law Each type... Read More

Law of Recessiveness

Definition noun A Mendelian law which holds that a recessive trait is expressed only when the paired allele the offspring... Read More

Bell-Magendie law

Definition noun The principle referring to the separation of sensory and motor neurons of the spinal cord, where the... Read More

Monogenic inheritance

Definition noun A form of inheritance that follows Mendel's Law of Heredity Supplement Monogenic inheritance refers to the... Read More


Reviewed by: Mary Anne Clark, PhD Heredity Definition In biology, heredity refers to the passing of genetic... Read More

Genetics – Lesson Outline & Worksheets

  Topics Modules Quizzes/Worksheets Description Introduction to Genetics Genetics - Definition:... Read More

Laws of association

Laws of association principles formulated by aristotle to account for the functional relationships between ideas; the law of... Read More