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Ohngrens line

Ohngren's line A theoretical plane passing between the medial canthus of the eye and the angle of the mandible; used as an... Read More


Definition noun, plural: haematomas or haematomata or haematomae A localised collection of blood, usually clotted, in an... Read More

Spot-film radiography

spot-film radiography An x-ray of a localised region, usually under study by... Read More

Idiomuscular contraction

Idiomuscular contraction --> myoedema a localised contraction of a degenerating muscle, occurring at the point of a sharp... Read More


Fission a type of cell division in which overall (i.e., not localised) cell growth is followed by septum formation which... Read More

Urticaria tuberosa

urticaria tuberosa --> angioedema A vascular reaction involving the deep dermis or subcutaneous or submucal tissues,... Read More


Definition noun, plural: peritonites (pathology) The inflammation of the peritoneum Supplement Peritonitis pertains to the... Read More


Baldness alopecia. There are many types of baldness, each with a different cause. Baldness can be localised to the front and... Read More


peroxidase (Science: enzyme) A haem enzyme that catalyses reduction of hydrogen peroxide by a substrate that loses two... Read More

Localized peritonitis

Definition noun A type of peritonitis that is confined to a demarcated region of the peritoneal... Read More