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Enzyme Could Provide Continual Fat Burning

HOUSTON--(March 29, 2001) -- An enzyme discovered by Baylor College of Medicine researchers is critical to the metabolic... Read More

Fatty acid

Definition noun plural: fatty acids'' fatty acid, ˈfætɪ ˈæsɪd Any of the group of a long chain of hydrocarbon... Read More


Definition noun plural: uracils u·ra·cil, ˈjʊərəsɪl (biochemistry) A pyrimidine nucleobase in RNA that... Read More

White adipose tissue

Definition noun, plural: white adipose tissues A type of adipose tissue found in mammals used to store energy and acts as... Read More


Definition noun The synthesis of lipid (fat) Supplement Lipogenesis is the process of producing lipid or fat. In biology,... Read More


Definition noun plural: fructoses fruc•tose, ˈfɹʊk.toʊs A ketohexose monosaccharide with a chemical formula of... Read More

Short-chain fatty acid

Definition noun plural: short-chain fatty acids'' short chain fat·ty ac·id, ʃɔːt ˈt͡ʃeɪn ˈfætɪ ˈæsɪd A type... Read More