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Allopatric speciation

We can define speciation as a process by which the novel genetically independent group of organisms are formed through the... Read More

Genetic drift

Genetic Drift Definition What is genetic drift in simple terms? The simple definition of genetic drift ( also referred to... Read More

Geomorphology and Natural Hazards (Binghamton Symposia in Geomorphology International Series)

Geomorphology and Natural Hazards (Binghamton Symposia in Geomorphology International Series)   ... Read More


What is biosphere? The biosphere is that part of the Earth where living things thrive and live. It is the portion of the... Read More

Study shows long-term benefits of psychotherapy for PTSD among youths after natural disaster

Young survivors of the recent Indian Ocean tsunami, Kashmir earthquake, Gulf Coast hurricanes and other natural disasters... Read More

DNA research reveals new bird species in Colorado

Neither a tree-dweller nor a night bird, and roughly the size of a chicken, the Gunnison sage-grouse is not a particularly... Read More

Biodiversity Loss Puts People At Risk: World Wildlife Fund

Future generations face hunger, thirst, disease and disaster if we carry on losing biodiversity. And as biodiversity... Read More

Ethnobotanist says non-regulated herbs pose risks

Herbal trade tries to self-regulate sans guidelines or punishments Ginsengs, echinaceas, and ephedras, oh my! These herbs... Read More

Global Warming And Your Health

Global warming could do more to hurt your health than simply threaten summertime heat stroke, says a public health... Read More

Cool, clean water for Seattle and salmon

Seattle will keep cool, clean drinking water flowing from the Cedar River Watershed while keeping streams healthy for... Read More

Fungi the cause of many outbreaks of disease but mostly ignored

Report calls for new resources for studying fungi that impact human health and agriculture Fungi can cause a number of... Read More

Population Growth and Survivorship

By: Maria Victoria Gonzaga Previously, we learned about biodiversity and endemism. Now, let's look at the... Read More

Hubble Finds That Earth Is Safe From One Class Of Gamma-ray Burst

Homeowners may have to worry about floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes destroying their homes, but at least they can remove... Read More

Rare Breeds Of Farm Animals Face Extinction

With the world's first global inventory of farm animals showing many breeds of African, Asian, and Latin American livestock... Read More

Research To Combat Biological Warfare

A new technique for rapid, on-the-spot detection of dangerous biological substances could give a major boost to... Read More

Biosensors to probe the metals menace

If the pond life goes star-shaped, you'd be wise not to drink the water. Researchers from CRC CARE are pioneering a... Read More

Population Regulation in an Ecosystem

Darwin focused some of this work in regards to the population size of a species, and what factors may affect them. He... Read More

Climate Change: The Rice Genome to the Rescue

Los Baños, Philippines – New evidence is emerging that climate change could reduce not only the world’s ability to... Read More

Floods, Famines, and Emperors: El Nino and the Fate of Civilizations

Floods, Famines, and Emperors: El Nino and the Fate of Civilizations    ... Read More