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Nervous System

    THE is the most complicated and highly organized of the various systems which make up the human body. It is the... Read More


Ganglia Definition What are ganglia? To simply define ganglia in biology, it is the structure of an oval shape that... Read More

Axon terminal

An axon terminal is any of the button-like endings of axons through which axons make synaptic contacts with other nerve... Read More

Nervous tissue

Definition noun A type of animal tissue comprised principally of nerve cells and neuroglia cells Supplement The four... Read More

Efferent nerve

Definition noun, plural: efferent nerves The type of nerve that carries nerve impulses away from the central nervous system... Read More


Definition noun, plural: neurons An excitable cell that has specialized cell parts (such as soma, dendrites and axons),... Read More

Efferent neuron

Definition noun, plural: efferent neurons A neuron with an axon that carries nerve impulses peripherally, and innervates... Read More


Definition noun, plural: axons A long slender fibre of a neuron and is responsible for conducting nerve impulses away from... Read More


Homeostasis is the tendency not to stray from the range of favorable or ideal internal conditions. Such conditions must be... Read More

UCSF Study Finds Nerve Regeneration Is Possible In Spinal Cord Injuries

A team of scientists at UCSF has made a critical discovery that may help in the development of techniques to promote... Read More

Afferent neuron

Definition noun, plural: afferent neurons A type of neuron that detects stimulus from the periphery and relays nerve... Read More

Neurons use chemical ‘chords’ to shape signaling

Researchers have discovered that neurons can use two different neurotransmitters that target the same receptor on a... Read More

Optic nerve

Definition noun, plural: optic nerves The cranial nerve that carry impulses for the sense of sight... Read More

Sense organ

Definition noun, plural: sense organs An organ or structure that has nerve endings capable of detecting and reacting to a... Read More


Definition noun, plural: interneurons (1) Any local circuit neuron of the central nervous system that relays impulses... Read More

A Neurobiological Approach to Understanding Human Intelligence

Is human intelligence measurable? ... quantifiable? Perhaps, you came across this popular catchphrase purportedly quoted by... Read More

St. Jude identifies the specific cell that causes eye cancer, disproving long-held theory

Researchers found that certain mutations enable specific cells in the retina to multiply and cause eye cancer, a finding... Read More

Promising new nanotechnology for spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury often leads to permanent paralysis and loss of sensation below the site of the injury because the... Read More

Getting wired: how the brain does it

August 27, 2009 -- In a new study, researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro), McGill... Read More


nerve 1. (Science: anatomy) One of the whitish and elastic bundles of fibres, with the accompanying tissues, which transmit... Read More

An introduction to Homeostasis

Researched and Written by Jonjo Minns Submitted to biologyonline.com on February 25, 2009. Published in biologyonline.com... Read More

Sensory neuron

Definition noun, plural: sensory neurons A type of neuron that transmits sensory nerve impulses Supplement The neurons are... Read More

University Of Utah To Help Build Realistic Bionic Arm

University of Utah researchers will receive up to $10.3 million to help develop a new prosthetic arm that would work, feel... Read More

Molecular fats prevent nerve sheath abnormality

CHAPEL HILL - A study led by scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill points to a group of lipids... Read More

Human Neurology

The nervous system is essentially a biological information highway, and is responsible for controlling all the biological... Read More

Secretomotor nerve

secretomotor nerve --> secretory nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) A nerve conveying impulses that excite functional activity... Read More

New Math Model Finds That The Cochlea’s Spiral Shape Enhances Low Frequencies

The next time someone whispers in your ear, think "cochlea." The cochlea is the marvelous structure in the inner ear that is... Read More


pathway 1. A collection of axons establishing a conduction route for nerve impulses from one group of nerve cells to another... Read More

Vocal cords deserve the applause

The vocal cords are twin folds of throat muscle stretched horizontally across the voice box, or larynx. When breathing, air... Read More

Selective Attention – neurobiology and potential therapeutics

Selective attention refers to the ability of an individual to focus. We can choose what to pay attention to and then ignore... Read More

Somatic nervous system

Definition noun The part of the peripheral nervous system that consists of afferent nerves responsible in relaying motor and... Read More

Sensory nerve

sensory nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) An afferent nerve conveying impulses that are processed by the central nervous... Read More

Muscles Are Smarter Than You Think: Acidity Helps Prevent Muscle Fatigue

Scientists at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, and at the University of Aarhus in Denmark, have discovered the... Read More


Definition noun The deprivation or the process of neutralization of polarity, as that in nerve... Read More


Impulse 1. The act of impelling, or driving onward with sudden force; impulsion; especially, force so communicated as to... Read More

Growth factor stimulates rapid extension of key motor neurons in brain

MGH study first to identify factors controlling growth of brain cells damaged in ALS A growth factor known to be important... Read More

Carrier protein

Carrier protein is a type of cell membrane protein involved in facilitated diffusion and active transport of substances out... Read More

Spinal cord

spinal cord (Science: anatomy) Elongated, approximately cylindrical part of the central nervous system of vertebrates that... Read More

Brains response to visual stimuli helps us to focus on what we should see, rather than all there is to see

La Jolla, CA-Delving ever deeper into the intricate architecture of the brain, researchers at The Salk Institute have now... Read More