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oak 1. (Science: botany) Any tree or shrub of the genus quercus. The oaks have alternate leaves, often variously lobed, and... Read More

Researchers Pursue Process By Which Oak Trees Contribute To Air Pollution

COLLEGE STATION - Trees may not actually commit suicide, but certain species do produce pollutants that hamper their own... Read More

Poison oak

poison oak poison oak is a form of contact dermatitis or inflammation of the skin resulting from chemicals produced from the... Read More

Oak apple

oak apple --> nutgall An excrescence on the oak, quercus infectoria (family Fagaceae) and other species of Quercus, caused... Read More


quercitron 1. The yellow inner bark of the quercus tinctoria, the American black oak, yellow oak, dyer's oak, or quercitron... Read More


tan 1. To convert (the skin of an animal) into leather, as by usual process of steeping it in an infusion of oak or some... Read More

Genome info from ‘plant destroyers’ could save trees, beans and chocolate

Rapidly evolving genes encode substances that may debilitate plantsAn international team of scientists has published the... Read More


quercus (Science: botany) A genus of trees constituted by the oak. See Oak. Origin: L, an... Read More


pruner 1. One who prunes, or removes, what is superfluous. 2. (Science: zoology) Any one of several species of beetles whose... Read More

Shade trees getting ‘scorched’ by plant disease

November 2005 -- Bacterial leaf scorch is severely affecting urban shade trees grown not only to provide shade, but to help... Read More


nutgall An excrescence on the oak, quercus infectoria (family Fagaceae) and other species of Quercus, caused by the deposit... Read More


Kermes 1. (Science: zoology) The dried bodies of the females of a scale insect (coccus ilicis), allied to the cochineal... Read More


scrub 1. One who labors hard and lives meanly; a mean fellow. A sorry scrub. We should go there in as proper a manner... Read More


Nutgall An excrescence on the oak, quercus infectoria (family Fagaceae) and other species of quercus, caused by the deposit... Read More


robust 1. Evincing strength; indicating vigorous health; strong; sinewy; muscular; vigorous; sound; as, a robust body;... Read More


shingle 1. (Science: geology) round, water-worn, and loose gravel and pebbles, or a collection of roundish stones, such as... Read More


Ilex (Science: botany) The holm oak (quercus ilex). a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs, including the common... Read More


Hamadryad Origin: L. Hamadryas, -adis, gr.; together - oak, tree: cf. F. Hamadryade. See same, and tree. 1. A tree nymph... Read More

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute launches microbial database

Researchers at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech have launched a publicly-available microbial database... Read More

World’s next fuel source could be designer organisms

The scientist who cracked the human genome now hopes to exploit the properties of DNA to solve the world's pending... Read More

Can Compost Teas Help Flowers Battle Blight?

Flowers and saplings may find tea refreshing. Compost tea, that is. These teas are made from compost "brewed" for at... Read More

DOE JGI Sequences, Releases Genome of Symbiotic Tree Fungus

WALNUT CREEK, CA -- The DNA sequence of Laccaria bicolor, a fungus that forms a beneficial symbiosis with trees and... Read More

Discovery About Evolution Of Fungi Has Implications For Humans

As early fungi made the evolutionary journey from water to land and branched off from animals, they shed tail-like flagella... Read More

Community (biology)

Community, in biology, refers to the assemblage of interacting organisms (either of the same or different species)... Read More


Eggar (Science: zoology) Any bombycid moth of the genera Eriogaster and Lasiocampa; as, the oak eggar (L. Roboris) of... Read More


toxicodendron A genus (formerly rhus) of shrubs, vines, or trees that yields a highly allergenic oleoresin which causes a... Read More

Vegetable charcoal

vegetable charcoal charcoal obtained by charring vegetable tissues, especially the wood of willow, beech, birch, or... Read More


mistletoe (Science: botany) bearing a glutinous fruit. When found upon the oak, where it is rare, it was an object of... Read More


Definition noun, plural: suberins (botany) A lipophilic complex polyester biopolymer that occurs in the cell... Read More


Ilicic Pertaining to, or derived from, the holly (ilex), and allied plants; as, ilicic acid. Origin: L. Ilex, ilicis, holm... Read More


spire To breathe. Origin: L. Spirare to breathe. See Spirit. 1. A slender stalk or blade in vegetation; as, a spire grass or... Read More

The pollen season for 2014 – a Pollen Vortex?

I am going to do a follow up of my last post regarding the pollen season of 2014 and the cold spring that occurred. First I... Read More


yeara (Science: botany) The California poison oak (rhus diversiloba). See... Read More


Definition noun, plural: corks (botany) A part of the periderm that protects the inner plant tissues from mechanical... Read More


Dryad a wood nymph; a nymph whose life was bound up with that of her tree. Origin: L. Dryas, pl. Dryades, gr, pl, fr. Oak,... Read More


Glans Origin: L. See gland. 1. (Science: anatomy) The vascular body which forms the apex of the penis, and the extremity of... Read More


thunderbolt 1. A shaft of lightning; a brilliant stream of electricity passing from one part of the heavens to another, or... Read More


Esculic (Science: chemistry) Pertaining to, or obtained from, the horse-chestnut; as, esculic acid. Origin: From NL.... Read More


sturdy 1. Foolishly obstinate or resolute; stubborn; unrelenting; unfeeling; stern. This sturdy marquis gan his hearte dress... Read More


quercitrin (Science: chemistry) A glucoside extracted from the bark of the oak (quercus) as a bitter citron-yellow... Read More