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Definition noun, plural: operators (1) (genetics) A segment of DNA where the repressor binds to, thereby preventing the... Read More

Operator region

operator region (Science: genetics) dNA sequences which signal the initiation of transcription when... Read More

Gene Action – Operon Hypothesis

Reviewed by: Mary Anne Clark, Ph.D. Some genes are switched on or off depending on environmental conditions. The... Read More

Repressor protein

Definition noun, plural: repressor proteins A protein in which its binding to the operator inhibits the transcription of one... Read More

Inactive repressor

Inactive repressor a repressor that cannot combine with an operator gene until it has combined with a corepressor (usually a... Read More

Lac operon

Lac operon --> lactose operon group of adjacent and coordinately controlled genes concerned with the metabolism of... Read More

Regulatory gene

Definition noun, plural: regulatory genes A gene that is involved in the production of a substance that controls or... Read More


Definition noun, plural: promoters (chemistry) A substance that is capable of increasing the activity of a catalyst to... Read More


Definition noun, plural: operons A group of genes or a segment of DNA that functions as a single transcription unit. It is... Read More


An agent capable of activating specific genes.A molecule that inhibits the action of the repressor of an operon, preventing... Read More


ultrasound (Science: investigation) A type of imaging technique which uses high-frequency sound waves. This is highly... Read More

Promoter gene

Definition noun, plural: promoter genes (genetics) A site in a DNA molecule at which RNA polymerase and transcription... Read More