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Consortium Aims To Improve Protection Of Human Research Subjects

DURHAM, N.C. - A national "Consortium to Examine Clinical Research Ethics" (CECRE) has been established at Duke... Read More

Deliberately Exposing People To Toxins: Report Calls For More Stringent Ethical Standards In Scientific Studies

WASHINGTON When regulating chemicals to protect public health, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should consider... Read More

Will Whole Genome Research Result In Genetic Profiling?

Recent technological developments have made it possible for scientists to sequence an entire human genome, but these... Read More

Nanoparticles in dietary supplements cause health concerns, regulatory challenges

An increase in the number of dietary supplements made with nanoparticles — so-called “nanoceuticals” — is raising... Read More

Research advances on nanotech workplace health and safety

But more study needed to ensure worker protection WASHINGTON--"Companies, workers and investors alike are being... Read More

Embryo tests give parents the choice

MORE than 40 per cent of fertility clinics in the US are allowing couples to choose the sex of their child, a survey... Read More

Experts discuss use of human stem cells in ape and monkey brains

Panel publishes recommendations to minimize risk of altering animals' 'moral status' An expert panel of stem cell... Read More

Microbicide research in developing countries: have we given the ethical concerns due consideration?

In 1997, international debate was prompted by trials designed to prevent the vertical transmission of HIV from pregnant... Read More

Unregulated Hazards ‘Naked’ and ‘Free’ Nucleic Acids

Unregulated Hazards ‘Naked’ and ‘Free’ Nucleic Acids Mae-Wan Ho, Angela Ryan Biology Department, Open University... Read More

Reports Call For High-Level Coordination Of Animal Health And More Research-Oriented Veterinarians

WASHINGTON (July 18) -- The United States needs a new high-level mechanism to coordinate the currently fragmented framework... Read More

Bioethicists Call For Public Debates On Future Uses Of Stem Cells

July 2, 2009 — More than 40 scientists, bioethicists, lawyers and science journal editors are calling on... Read More


Escape 1. To flee, and become secure from danger; often followed by from or out of. Haste, for thy life escape, nor look... Read More

What’s next for the allergy season?

This cold spring brought a late season for the trees but this does not have any impact on what is going to happen in August... Read More