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Patellar reflex

Definition noun, plural: patellar reflexes A stretch reflex wherein the anterior muscles of the thigh contracts by reflex as... Read More


Definition noun, plural: reflexes (physiology) An innate, immediate involuntary action to a stimulus without prior conscious... Read More

Stretch reflex

Definition noun A reflex contraction of a muscle when the muscle proprioceptors (e.g. muscle spindles) are... Read More

Achilles reflex

Definition noun, plural: Achilles reflexes A stretch reflex wherein the foot jerks towards the plantar surface by reflex as... Read More

Jaw jerk reflex

Definition noun A stretch reflex that manifests as the contraction of the masseter and the temporalis muscles in response to... Read More


reinforcement 1. (Science: neurology) An increase of force or strength; denoting specifically the increased sharpness of the... Read More

Westphals sign

Westphal's sign --> Erb-Westphal sign (Science: clinical sign) Abolition of the patellar tendon reflex, in tabes and certain... Read More


Hyporeflexia (Science: neurology, physiology) Decreased reflex response. reflexes are measured as part of the normal... Read More