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Zinc permanganate

zinc permanganate action is similar to that of potassium permanganate, but more astringent; used in urethritis, by injection... Read More

Potassium permanganate

potassium permanganate (Science: chemical) permanganic acid (hmno4), potassium salt. A highly oxidative, water-soluble... Read More

Wangs test

Wang's test A quantitative test for indican, which is transformed into indigo-sulfuric acid and then titrated by a solution... Read More


potassium (Science: chemistry) An alkali element, occurring abundantly but always combined, as in the chloride, sulphate,... Read More

Cysteic acid

Cysteic acid (Science: chemical) Beta-sulfoalanine. An amino acid with a c-terminal sulfonic acid group which has been... Read More