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Study Offers Clues To Brain’s Protective Mechanisms Against Alcoholism

Study Offers Clues To Brain's Protective Mechanisms Against Alcoholism     ... Read More


Sarcolemma Definition What is the sarcolemma? It is the thin, transparent, extensible plasma membrane of the muscle cell.... Read More


Masking 1. The use of noise of any kind to interfere with the audibility of another sound. For any given intensity, low... Read More


Cohesion Definition What is cohesion? Cohesion, in science definition, refers to the state of cohering or sticking together... Read More

Facultative anaerobe

Facultative Anaerobe Definition What does facultative anaerobe mean? Facultative organisms are the most adaptable... Read More


The fear of mixing or reacting with water under a given set of reaction parameters is often referred to as hydrophobic. In... Read More

The Perfect Prawn?

  Could it be that science has ultimately found a way to breed the perfect prawn? The average industry productivity for... Read More


Achromatic (Science: microscopy) Literally, colour-free. A lens or prism is said to be achromatic when corrected for two... Read More

In Search of the Intelligent Frugal Aliens in the Outer Space: the Benford Beacons Way

By Vicki Mozo Maybe aliens are frugal beings; that is why the earthlings could not detect them. This may sound funny... Read More

Biologists see combined structure of cold virus and receptor molecule

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Biologists at Purdue University have determined the combined structure of a common-cold virus... Read More


Agglutination Definition What does agglutination mean? It generally refers to the process of sticking together or the... Read More

How to make sure that beneficial probiotic bacteria reach consumers in an active way?

How to make sure that beneficial probiotic bacteria reach consumers in an active way? Yoghurt is often used as a carrier... Read More

‘Hobbit’ Fossil Likely Represents New Branch On Human Family Tree

  Right frontal view with red brain cast of LB1 encased in transparent image of LB1's skull. (Photo courtesy of... Read More

Dogs Keep Dying: Many Owners Unaware Of Toxic Dog Food

    This cocker spaniel, Sad Sack, succumbed to... Read More


An organism in the mainland experiences two competitions namely inter and intraspecific. Hence due to the pressure on the... Read More


Unicellular organisms are organisms consisting of one cell only that performs all vital functions including metabolism,... Read More


Fragmentation Definition What is fragmentation? In general, fragmentation refers to the state or the process of breaking... Read More

Native Plants Can Also Benefit From The Invasive Ones

A pollinating insect on a Carpobrotus affine acinaciformis flowerhead.  (Click image to enlarge) May... Read More

Targeted drug delivery achieved with nanoparticle-aptamer bioconjugates

Ground-breaking results from researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA,... Read More

Stress And Alcohol Cues Appear To Target The Brain Differently To Produce Craving

"Alcohol cues" are reminders of drinking. Researchers already know that both stress and alcohol cues can produce... Read More

New tool reveals secrets of migrating cells

Two-photon imaging gives real-time video of cells in living tissue Berkeley - Biologists have a new tool to track and... Read More


Following is the 3d structure of IL-1 receptor taken from pdb. This gene and eight other interleukin 1 family... Read More