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Precipitating factors

Definition noun Factors that causes or triggers the onset of a disorder, illness, accident, or behavioural... Read More

Predisposing factors

Definition noun Factors or conditions that render an individual vulnerable to a disease or disorder. Supplement The presence... Read More

Protective factors

Definition noun Factors or traits of an individual that serve as strengths or assets that can be accessed to promote a... Read More

Perpetuating factors

Definition noun Factors or conditions that maintain the disabling symptoms in an individual. Supplement The presence of a... Read More


Causality The relating of causes to the effects they produce. Causes are termed necessary when they must always precede an... Read More

Awakening from Sleep and Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Ilan Gabriely*, Harry Shamoon Funding: Supported in part by the following National Institutes of Health grants:... Read More