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province 1. A country or region, more or less remote from the city of Rome, brought under the roman government; a conquered... Read More


Emphasis Origin: L, fr. Gr. Significance, force of expression, fr. To show in, indicate; in - to show. See in, and phase. 1.... Read More


reduce 1. To bring or lead back to any former place or condition. And to his brother's house reduced his wife. (Chapman) The... Read More


Diocese Origin: oe. Diocise, OF. Diocise, f. Diocese, L. Dioecesis, fr. Gr. Housekeeping, administration, a province, a... Read More


Adjutant 1. A helper; an assistant. 2. A regimental staff officer, who assists the colonel, or commanding officer of a... Read More


tobacco 1. (Science: botany) An American plant (Nicotiana Tabacum) of the nightshade family, much used for smoking and... Read More


Sphere 1. (Science: geometry) A body or space contained under a single surface, which in every part is equally distant from... Read More


Accession 1. A coming to; the act of acceding and becoming joined; as, a kings accession to a confederacy. 2. Increase by... Read More


Definition noun, plural: cephalochordates Any of the small, elongated, segmented, fish-like chordates that belong to the... Read More