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puffball (Science: botany) A kind of ball-shaped fungus (lycoperdon giganteum, and other species of the same genus) full of... Read More


puffs (Science: molecular biology) Expanded areas of a polytene chromosome. at these areas the chromatin becomes less... Read More

Gorgon: Paleontology, Obsession, and the Greatest Catastrophe in Earth’s History

Gorgon: Paleontology, Obsession, and the Greatest Catastrophe in Earth's History ... Read More

Hubble Finds That Earth Is Safe From One Class Of Gamma-ray Burst

Homeowners may have to worry about floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes destroying their homes, but at least they can remove... Read More

Carnegie scientists fine-tuning methods for Stardust analysis

On Sunday, January 15, NASA's Stardust mission landed safely with the first solid comet fragments ever brought back to... Read More


smoke 1. To apply smoke to; to hang in smoke; to disinfect, to cure, etc, by smoke; as, to smoke or fumigate infected... Read More


vent To snuff; to breathe or puff out; to snort. Origin: Cf. F. Venter to blow, vent wind (see Ventilate); but prob... Read More


swell 1. The act of swelling. 2. Gradual increase. Specifically: Increase or augmentation in bulk; protuberance. increase in... Read More


Adder 1. A serpent. The eddre seide to the woman. 2. (Science: zoology) a small venomous serpent of the genus Vipera. The... Read More