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Quadrangular cartilage

quadrangular cartilage --> nasal septal cartilage A thin cartilaginous plate located between vomer, perpendicular plate of... Read More

Quadrangular lobule

quadrangular lobule The main portion of the superior part of each hemisphere of the cerebellum, corresponding to the... Read More

Quadrangular membrane

quadrangular membrane The elastic fibra membrane that extends from the ventricular fold of the larynx upward to the... Read More


quadrilateral 1. (Science: geometry) A plane figure having four sides, and consequently four angles; a quadrangular figure;... Read More


Definition noun A type of connective tissue that is firm and flexible and having an extracellular matrix comprised mainly of... Read More

Aditus orbitae

Aditus orbitae --> orbital opening The somewhat quadrangular anterior entrance to the orbit which forms the base of the... Read More

Vestibule of larynx

vestibule of larynx The upper part of the laryngeal cavity from the superior aperture to the vestibular folds, bounded... Read More

Cheek tooth

Cheek tooth --> molar tooth a tooth having a somewhat quadrangular crown with four or five cusps on the grinding surface;... Read More


Hermes Hermes Trismegistus (literally, thrice greatest) was a late name of hermes, especially as identified with the... Read More


Myocardium Definition What is the myocardium of the heart?  It is the muscular middle layer of the heart that is... Read More

Multicuspid tooth

multicuspid tooth --> molar tooth A tooth having a somewhat quadrangular crown with four or five cusps on the grinding... Read More